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  1. Houston Nurse Residency Summer 2020

    Hey did you hear back yet? I did and unfortunately I did not get an offer. The recruiter called me this morning and said they went with the other candidate. I think they are only hiring one person for the unit.
  2. Houston Nurse Residency Summer 2020

    Hi Mininurse, I also interviewed with MH Katy for mother-baby. Have you heard anything back yet?
  3. VA Portland PBNR

    For my VA in Texas as part of the PBNR program we receive a stipend and health and dental insurence.
  4. Houston Nurse Residency Summer 2020

    Imr0711 cool I am glad to find someone else that is also got an offer from the VA. I haven't been able to find a lot of info about the program besides what I asked them during the interview that it is a 12 month program and we are with a preceptor th...
  5. Houston Nurse Residency Summer 2020

    I heard from MH Katy today about setting up an interview for next Tuesday but have not heard anything from HCA yet. I do have an offer for the VA PBNR program.
  6. VA Portland PBNR

    Thanks for me the interviewing process was pretty fast only about 3 weeks from first interview to offer. I had the first interview one week then the second with the head of education last week then today got the offer.
  7. VA Portland PBNR

    Hi I am at a different VA but just found out I was accepted into the PBNR program. My understanding of the program is you are with a preceptor for all 12 months and you rotate though the different departments to get experience and then at the end of...
  8. VA interview

    Hi 1gr8trnstudent, I also just recently interviewed for the VAs PBNR program but for mine they asked me performance based questions. I am not sure if that is good or bad through. However, I do have a second interview soon. Did you end up getting the ...
  9. VA Post Baccalaureate Nurse Residency (PBNR)

    Hi did you end up taking the position at the VA? What was your experience like? Thanks
  10. VA Nurse Residency

    Hi Xcell2RN, Did you end up accepting the VA residency? Is it really no pay position for the whole year? I am currently in the process of interviewing for the residency program at the VA and want to know others experiences. Thanks
  11. VA nurse residency (PBNR)

    Hi Pixxaluvr, I am in the process of applying to the VA for there PBNR program if you did end up going through it what was your experience? Thanks