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  1. Freckledkorican

    Chronicles of a VA APRN Resident

    I interviewed today and was offered one of six resident positions. I lost it. The panel laughed and said my reaction was the best one so far. ­čĄ» I was asked nine questions. They were along the lines of "Tell me about yourself; How will you contri...
  2. VA NP residencies

    Hi all! does anyone have any feedback in terms of strong points to make in the personal statement to the VA residency programs? I am applying to the UCLA one and would like to put my best foot forward. Thank you!
  3. VA Nurse Residency

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone has gone through the nurse residency program at any of the VAs, or more specifically the Dallas VA hospital system. If so, what insight do you have about the program? Did you like having a Monday´╗┐-Friday schedule for the...
  4. VA New Grad Residency

    Hello- I am a nursing student who will be graduating soon and I just received a tentative job offer for the VA in Gainesville nurse residency program. I am curious to know have anyone else been through this residency or any new grad residency progra...
  5. VA New Grad Residency 2015

    Hi there! I was accepted into the new grad RN residency at the VA Washington DC, set to start late August/early September. I am interested in connecting with those that have also been accepted or are currently in their 1 year program. Please say hell...