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Freckledkorican is a MSN, APRN and specializes in MSN, FNP-BC.

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  1. Freckledkorican

    Chronicles of a VA APRN Resident

    That is an excellent idea! I emailed the administrators your suggestion.
  2. Freckledkorican

    Chronicles of a VA APRN Resident

    Thank you! My RN experience consisted of being an American Red Cross RN volunteer at a military hospital, volunteering at a free clinic, and working at an urgent care. I attended a hybrid NP Program at a private university in Washington, D.C. Don’t w...
  3. Freckledkorican

    Chamberlain FNP Student

    I was curious, so I looked it up. The BSN to NP cost is about $44,000. That chunk of change is in private university territory or one of the pricier publics. I suppose the stricter admission and program requirements at a non-profit university is a de...
  4. Freckledkorican

    Chamberlain FNP Student

    @MentalKlarity My face when I saw the Chamberlain number = 😱 I thought my NP Program was not robust enough and my university is well-regarded. The Chamberlain NP Program must be a cake walk. We all really need to voice our concerns and lobb...
  5. Freckledkorican

    Chamberlain FNP Student

    Shouldn't competency on assessment skills be determined before the NP is in the workplace? Kinda like, let them practice in the workplace until they make a mistake? Then declare they are not competent? Absolutely. Competency should be comp...
  6. Freckledkorican

    Chamberlain FNP Student

    The number of NPs Chamberlain - Illinois graduates on a yearly basis is worrisome. 2021 NP Graduates: Chamberlain = 3,923 My school = 168 All other things aside, that alone should make someone pause and seriously reconsider even t...
  7. Freckledkorican

    University of Minnesota IHH DNP Program

    I have decided to apply and hopefully start the program in two years. I want to do the 4-yr track. Has anyone gone or going through it? What did or do you think of it? Would you recommend it?
  8. Freckledkorican

    Chronicles of a VA APRN Resident

    Everything MentalKlarity pointed out. An NP Program barely prepares one to be a provider. In my opinion, a strong residency is what I need (heck, all NP graduates) before I practice on my own. For example, my first specialty rotation will be with pha...
  9. Freckledkorican

    Chronicles of a VA APRN Resident

    Same here. I get to do more of it tomorrow. Don‘t give up! You‘ve been offered a fantastic opportunity. I‘m sure a year from now you‘ll be glad you stuck with it.
  10. Freckledkorican

    Chronicles of a VA APRN Resident

    Same here! We will look back a year from now and laugh at ourselves, wondering why we were so nervous.
  11. Freckledkorican

    Passed the ANCC FNP exam May 2022

    Hello. I took the FNP practice exams that came with the Hollier review and the Leik book.
  12. Freckledkorican

    Chronicles of a VA APRN Resident

    As of now, we can wear scrubs or business casual with a lab coat. I hope it stays that way. I'd rather wear scrubs.
  13. Freckledkorican

    Chronicles of a VA APRN Resident

    Of course😃. Mileage will vary per program, of course, and as always, subject to change. Week 1: Mon and Tue is dedicated to finishing up loose ends with HR, presentations on benefits, leave, Privacy/HIPPA, etc.. I will be with my cohort in perso...
  14. Yes. Depending on the topic of research, it can be hard or soft. For example, in year one I had to take "Concepts in Population Health" and "Nursing Leadership and Management". The first research class was useful. We identified, compared, and co...
  15. Freckledkorican

    Chronicles of a VA APRN Resident

    UPDATE: Hello all! Last week, I received the official HR job offer and accepted it. Today, my program coordinator emailed a schedule of phase one of the residency, up to end of October. It is now feeling real and I cannot wait to start on M...