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  1. anothervietguy

    VA PBNR in Dallas

    You have done the PSB review already? I haven't done that yet :) They will probably send the offer a week before the start date. Things are running slowly over there. I am working as a student nurse tech on MICU/CCU.
  2. anothervietguy

    Still no official NCLEX result. Texas BON

    You are not the only one. I tested last Friday and haven't received the official result yet. My friend tested on the 21st and haven't received his license number either.
  3. anothervietguy

    FAILED the NCLEX 3x! HOW to pass?!

    If you are having trouble with the contents, then I strongly suggest trying www.nursing.com. I used it throughout nursing school and it helped me a lot. Sign up for the 3 day free trial to see if you like it. It has a lot of contents in video format for you to review and drill down the concepts.
  4. anothervietguy

    Failed NCLEX 2nd time

    Have you tried nursing.com? They have the NCLEX prep program with 2,4,6 and 8 weeks study schedule. They also have a lot of NCLEX questions and adaptive test. Nursing has a lot of video contents and it might help you drill down the contents.
  5. anothervietguy

    FAILED the NCLEX 3x! HOW to pass?!

    Hi, I am sorry that it happened to you. Have you tried nursing.com? They have a NCLEX prep program and 2,4,6 and 8 weeks study schedule. They have a lot of video contents and a lot of NCLEX questions. They also have the SIMCLEX, which is an adaptive test just like NCLEX. I used nursing.com during school and preparation for NCLEX. I also used UWorld. Are you having trouble with the contents or just test anxiety?
  6. anothervietguy


    Tuition was cheap. It was $54 per credit. https://www.collin.edu/bursar/tuition.html The books packaged was like $1600ish for me. I chose the online books package because I like to read on the computer and it was cheaper than the physical books. The semester behind me were the last one that used HESI. The school switched to ATI so you will have to buy the ATI books and software bundles. I don't know how much it cost. Also each semester, I had to pay for the end of semester HESI assessment and that was like $130ish per semester. I don't know about the new ATI program. There were a lot of students working full time in my cohort so it is doable to go to nursing school and work at the same time. I didn't have to work for the first 3 semesters except going one weekend a month for Army stuff. I started working as a student nurse tech in the last semester and it didn't really interfere with school.
  7. anothervietguy


    Honestly, there wasn't any hardest semester for me. They were all equally hard. The hardest class for each semester is the Health Care Concepts class because it has the largest credits. I had a previous degree, so I didn't have to take composition 1. I also CLEP out for General Psychology and Life Span Development. If you haven't taken those non-nursing courses, I highly recommend CLEP them out during this Summer. It doesn't take long to study and take the test and the study material is free online. I haven't taken nutrition and statistic yet, but I will soon. There were some changes last semester about the amount of days you go to campus per week. I think for 1st semester; you go to campus two or three days per week because you have skill labs and other stuff. I think for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th semester, you only go to campus one day a week on top of the clinical day. On lecture day, class starts at 0830h until 1600h or maybe sooner, depends on the contents but we usually get out earlier than 1600h. Last semester, everything switched to online after Spring Break, so we had to do everything online. But overall, it wasn't super hard like everyone keeps saying about nursing school. I think the hardest classes for me were A&P 1 and 2. šŸ¤£
  8. anothervietguy


    Hi everyone, I wish you the best luck of getting into the program. I just graduated last month. I really liked the program. Let me know if you have questions. šŸ™‚
  9. anothervietguy

    VA Nurse Residency

    I am also in the hiring process. I'm working at the Dallas VA as a Student Nurse Tech on MICU/CCU floor. I applied to the Transition to Practice (TTP) program. The VA also has the Post Baccalaureate Nurse Residency (PBNR). I just graduated with an ADN so I can only apply to the TTP program. However, a new grad with BSN can also apply for the TTP. As the program coordinator explained to me, the PBRN program will rotate you through many specialties so you can have a taste of everything. The TTP is different. You will stay with the unit you selected for the entire program. I received a job offer letter a few weeks ago and I am waiting for HR to send me an official letter with the firm offer and start date. In addition, while you are in the PBNR program, you are technically not a VA employee. If you are in the TTP program, you are a full-time employee but in an over hired, temporary status. Regardless, you are still getting paid. Everything takes time with the VA so don't be discouraged.
  10. anothervietguy

    Iā€™m struggling

    I honestly think that A&P 1 and 2 were the hardest two classes I have ever taken. There were so many things to remember. I am about to start 3rd semester of an ADN program and I think that nursing classes are easier than A&P. That is just my opinion. You can do it. I have taken the HESIA2 before and it was all about preparation. I got a good review book and it helped a lot. The most helpful part was the grammar and punctuation section. If nursing is what you want then you will have to grind it out. It might take longer for you to get there, but you will get there. Don't give up!
  11. anothervietguy

    Got kicked out of nursing school

    You are no too old for nursing school. I am 31 and I am about to enter the 3rd semester in an ADN program. There are a lot of people in my classes who are in their 40's, 50's and 60's. The bottom line is that it is never too late to do anything, especially when it comes to education. You can do it. Don't give up. Do not let the failures define you. Stand up and start over again. I have been in your shoes before and I know the feeling. It also took me a while to regroup and get back up on my feet. I know you can do it. Put 120% effort into it and you will succeed. Good luck to you!
  12. anothervietguy

    Collin College ADN Summer 2019!

    Hello, I have the Mometrix PSB RN Study Guide and PSB RN Flashcards. I would like to give them away to the prospect nursing students at Collin College. Let me know if you want them. Thank you.
  13. anothervietguy

    Grayson County College ADN Spring 2019

    Hello, I got accepted into the program. However, I will decline the offer since I got accepted into Collin College, which is a lot closer to my house than Grayson County College. It has been a challenging process but the reward is worthwhile. I am grateful that I have been admitted to a nursing program. If you are on the waitlist, please don't give up. You will get there. :-)
  14. anothervietguy

    Online Micro with Lab

    Hello, If you live in Texas and are planning to apply for a nursing school in Texas, I would suggest you take the course from the University of Texas at Arlington. They have the accelerated BSN program online. However, the requirement is that you must already have a bachelor degree. The course is 8 weeks long and everything is online including the simulated lab. Some of the nursing schools in Texas like Collin College will review your class' syllabus if you take prerequisite classes online from an out of state school to see if the class meets the requirement. However, they won't review the class' syllabus if it is from another school in Texas. Please ask the nursing school to see if they will accept the credits from the whatever online school you choose to take the class. Good luck to you. :-)
  15. anothervietguy

    Collin College ADN 2019

    Hi, I received the letter earlier today. I got it. I was surprised that I got in the program with my mediocre PSB score. Anyway, I am very grateful to be accepted into the program. Prerequisite GPA: 4.0 Corequisite GPA: 3.5 PSB: VE:50% AR: 44% NE: 85% AA: 64% SP: 79% RC: 91% INS: 97% VAI: 75%
  16. anothervietguy

    Online PreReq suggestions?

    Hello, If money is an issue for you, I would highly recommend you to take a look at the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). You can study the material at your own pace and take the test whenever you are ready. Go to Modern States ā€“ Freshman Year for Free and sign up for the available courses. Most of the first year college courses are available for free such as psychology, biology, chemistry, English I and II, etc... They will even reimburse you with the testing fee if you pass the test first time. I studied and passed intro psychology and developmental psychology. I spent about 3 weeks on each class. The CLEP program saves you a lot of time and money. Most schools will accept CLEP credits. In addition, some nursing schools will not take transfer credits from an online school. You have to check with the nursing school before you sign up for online classes. I hope this helps.

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