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  1. anothervietguy

    I’m struggling

    I honestly think that A&P 1 and 2 were the hardest two classes I have ever taken. There were so many things to remember. I am about to start 3rd semester of an ADN program and I think that nursing classes are easier than A&P. That is just my opinion. You can do it. I have taken the HESIA2 before and it was all about preparation. I got a good review book and it helped a lot. The most helpful part was the grammar and punctuation section. If nursing is what you want then you will have to grind it out. It might take longer for you to get there, but you will get there. Don't give up!
  2. anothervietguy

    Got kicked out of nursing school

    You are no too old for nursing school. I am 31 and I am about to enter the 3rd semester in an ADN program. There are a lot of people in my classes who are in their 40's, 50's and 60's. The bottom line is that it is never too late to do anything, especially when it comes to education. You can do it. Don't give up. Do not let the failures define you. Stand up and start over again. I have been in your shoes before and I know the feeling. It also took me a while to regroup and get back up on my feet. I know you can do it. Put 120% effort into it and you will succeed. Good luck to you!
  3. anothervietguy

    Collin College ADN 2019

    Hi, I received the letter earlier today. I got it. I was surprised that I got in the program with my mediocre PSB score. Anyway, I am very grateful to be accepted into the program. Prerequisite GPA: 4.0 Corequisite GPA: 3.5 PSB: VE:50% AR: 44% NE: 85% AA: 64% SP: 79% RC: 91% INS: 97% VAI: 75%
  4. anothervietguy

    Online PreReq suggestions?

    Hello, If money is an issue for you, I would highly recommend you to take a look at the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). You can study the material at your own pace and take the test whenever you are ready. Go to Modern States – Freshman Year for Free and sign up for the available courses. Most of the first year college courses are available for free such as psychology, biology, chemistry, English I and II, etc... They will even reimburse you with the testing fee if you pass the test first time. I studied and passed intro psychology and developmental psychology. I spent about 3 weeks on each class. The CLEP program saves you a lot of time and money. Most schools will accept CLEP credits. In addition, some nursing schools will not take transfer credits from an online school. You have to check with the nursing school before you sign up for online classes. I hope this helps.
  5. anothervietguy

    Nursing Education

    Thank you for your service. Like the other user have said, you should take the advantage of tuition assistance while you are on active duty. There are a lot of colleges that offer classes on military base and they are very flexible with the class schedules. Another option that you can look into is the CLEP program. It is completely free. Go to the website Modern States – Freshman Year for Free and you can take many college freshman classes for free. They will provide you with free books and resources to pass the test. The DOD will pay for your CLEP exams so you don't have to spend a dime on it. In that way, you can knock out all of the general classes before you have to take the prerequisite classes for the nursing program. For the prerequisite classes, you can take it online. Just make sure that the online school is regionally accredited and the nursing school will accept the transferred credits. I hope this helps you.
  6. anothervietguy

    Collin College RN ADN spring 2019

    There is another thread for Spring 2019 semester that started a few months ago. I am hoping to get in the program but it seems so competitive. My PSB score is not as good as I has hope. I also applied for Grayson County College as well.
  7. anothervietguy

    Grayson County College ADN Spring 2019

    We have like 2 months left to know the result. In the mean time, I will use Khan Academy to freshen up my A&P. I love Khan Academy. I also applied for Collin College as well.
  8. anothervietguy

    Collin College ADN 2019

    Don't worry. I am in the same boat. My lowest one is 44%.
  9. anothervietguy

    Collin College ADN 2019

    I hand-delivered all of the paperwork to the recruiter and she checked off everything. I didn't want to miss any documents. If you used the electronic transcript, most of the services will email you and let you know if the transcript had been sent or someone had opened it. You certainly can hand-deliver the transcripts again to ease your mind.
  10. anothervietguy

    Collin College ADN 2019

    Thank you for the encouragement :-)
  11. anothervietguy

    Collin College ADN 2019

    It looks like you have everything mapped out. I have a degree in Criminal Justice and it doesn't translate to anything in Nursing. My plan is to get my ADN first and then the RN-BSN program. I live in Allen so it doesn't take long to drive to Collin College. I also don't mind to drive to Grayson County. I just want to get into a program. Do you know the points system in Collin College?
  12. anothervietguy

    Collin College ADN 2019

    Wow! Your PSB score and GPAs are impressive. I am taking the PSB again next week. I took A&P1 and Micro last semester. I will finish A&P2 next week. I think you will be okay. Maybe you can go to the Fall 2018 thread and ask the people in there to see if they have any information in your situation. Have you applied any other schools? I also applied for Grayson College.
  13. anothervietguy

    Patient Care Technician Trainee

    Hello, I live in the Dallas area and I saw that Parkland Hospital is hiring PCT trainee. The position doesn't require any experience. I guess they will train you. Is this a good position to get the experience? I am looking for a career change and I will be going back to school in January. It will be a while before I finish my degree. Will this PCA position help me with a second career in nursing? Thank you for your help.
  14. anothervietguy

    Undecided if I want to be a nurse. Please help!

    Thank you for the suggestion. I can't think of anything that I want to do other than being a cop. The wound is still fresh. My mind is probably still very narrow. Social worker won't work for me. The pay is definitely a lot lower than what I used to make. The reason I am considering a career in nursing because it will enable me to help people in a different way and make decent money.
  15. anothervietguy

    Undecided if I want to be a nurse. Please help!

    I don't have any criminal background. :)