VA hospital nursing in Oklahoma


Does anyone working in Oklahoma VA Hospital?

I am interested at working at VA. I have 2 years of med-surg experience.

Before I start the length process(that is what I heard) of application, I would like to hear from some nurses who work at VA.

I would like to know the pay scale with my experience, and working condition.

Thank you for your input. :nurse:

I am a veteran and I volunteer at the VAMC in VA. I can tell you the hiring process is very long but I can also tell you that veterans like me appreciate those who work there! Pay is not the best compared to the civilian sector, but you can't be federal benefits. If you are a military spouse or a veteran don't forget to use your hiring preference points.

Good luck!

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Thank you very much for your information. about how long is the process?

Thanks :)


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I am a student nurse tech there and I absolutely LOVE it there! Most of the nurses are really nice and helpful. The veterans are wonderful and make everything worth it! It is a really special thing to serve those who have sacrificed and served our country!

The length of the process depends on the person. I have heard it can take anywhere from 2 months and up. My friend Carmen took about 2 months to go through the whole hiring process and then orientation, but she is prior military with a security clearance. I have heard that the background checks are what takes the longest, they are very thorough.

I hope that helps!

Happygirl2011 you rock! I wish more Americans felt that way!

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Thank you everyone for your reply. I didn't see much information in Oklahoma nursing forum.

There are not much recent information about VA nursing.

I am guessing either all Oklahoma VA nurses are happy and content with their job,

They are not interested at reading others opions on nursing issue or have any issues to vent here,


They are so busy that they don't have time to joint this Allnurses forum.... :nurse:


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thanks for starting this thread, I am also interested in working for the VA in the future and can't find any info in the OK forum. I believe they do 80 hr work weeks, so it would be the 6 12's and an additional 8 hr shift per pay period. But I also hear the benefits make it worth it.


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Bumping this thread. Are there any VA nurses on the forum? I got an interview next week and was wondering how their interview process is.

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Ambitiouz, good luck to you. I guess no VA rn on this forum....

Please let us know how your interview went.

Good Luck!!!!

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I'm a kinda-sorta VA nurse- one of those wonderful Fed titles: Employee With Out Compensation. I'm HSC/State paid, but credentialled at VA (OKC), in research. I'm modestly familiar with a few units, if you've got specific questions...

Good luck!

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I look forward to hearing if you got this job. I wonder how the working conditions are at the OKC VA? I did clinicals at the LTC VA in Norman, but I have never set foot in the OKC VA. I think I'd like to serve those who served our country.