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UWorld or Kaplan Qbank


Which one is a better practice for NCLEX RN exam, Uworld or Kaplan?


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Kaplan, Kaplan, Kaplan! Although I did not try UWorld, I can definitely vouch for Kaplan! To me it was a replica of the NCLEX. I did every Q bank question and passed NCLEX with 75 questions, took me less than an hour. Besides God, Kaplan prepared me better than I ever thought it would.

Thank you for your fast reply. :)

I been using both Kaplan and UWorld

Hello dude..

I still have my kaplan account. Pm me or text me 8184711496

Uworld!!! They have great critical thinking questions. I passed Nclex using their questions


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UWORLD!! The questions mirror the nclex and the rationales are superb and detailed! Took about 1000 questions a week before my nclex and passed in 75 questions within an hour!

Do they have uworld for pn's also?


Specializes in ED, Neuro ICU. Has 3 years experience.

No, just NCLEX-RN

No, just NCLEX-RN
ok thanks, looking for another studying method

I took and passed the nclex about a month ago and I used Saunders book to review material and I bought both the Kaplan qbank and the UWorld qbank. I did all the questions on both and reviewed the rationale on every question. UWorld looked exactly like the NCLEX, had harder questions, way better rationales, and more SATA questions. Although both are very good, UWorld goes above and beyond. Very happy I used UWorld.