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UW BSN 2017


Hello All!

I am applying the the University of Washington BSN program, starting in Fall 2017. I was curious how everyone's' applications process is going? Have you submitted your applications yet, what are your healthcare, and volunteer experiences? Do you feel prepared for nursing school? Why are you interested in the UW? Do you have any questions about your application?

I am just starting my application for the UW nursing program, starting in fall of 2017. I am an Emergency Dept. Tech. I really enjoy it, but I definitely want to learn how to be a better and more reactive caregiver, and I think nursing provides an excellent pathway to learn and develop great care giving skills.

Good Luck!

Hey BallsToTheWall, I'm also in the process of applying to UW's nursing program.

I am an HA at harborview and have been an emergency room technician in the past as well. My pre req gpa is around 3.8. Just starting to outline ideas for the essay and my manager is currently working on my letter of rec.

Hope the process is going smoothly for you. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll do the same.

Definitely get the letter to your manager as soon as possible! Make it as easy as possible. There are a lot of questions, I would create a letter outline, and draft it for your manager. I applied for the ABSN as well, my manager wasn't able to get me the letter until the day my application was due.

The other thing, make sure you follow the directions of the application. I think this may have been an oversight of mine when I did my application for the ABSN - I will see in December I guess.

Yep! He already has been working on it; he's done quite a few for UW in the past. I agree that following the directions is going to be important!

I think my goal is to have everything submitted to UW by early December; that way I am not stressing about the deadline.

Hey Guys!

I'm working on my application for the BSN and have already applied to the ABSN as well. Looking back on that application process, I definitely think I can improve on a couple areas of my personal statement and resume. Plus, the proctored essay might be similar for both applications so I'm hoping I can improve on that area as well.

I currently volunteer in the Swedish ER and at Bailey-Boushay House. I have my CNA license and worked over the summer at an assisted living facility in Shoreline. Unfortunately, I had to quit that job due to scheduling conflicts. Now I'm looking for a CNA job at one of the local hospitals.

Good luck to everyone!

Hi everyone!

I am also applying to the BSN program. I am a running start student so I am a senior in high school this year and have completed almost all pre-requisites.

I have my personal statement almost finished, my resume finished and I am actually getting my recommendation back today. But I am not turning in my application until this quarter is over in early December so I can include my grades from this quarter.

Ive volunteered as a patient care assistant for the last ten months and have attended a nurse camp. I have a 3.9 GPA.

I'm really hoping to get in, it is a dream of mine! Goodluck everyone.

How many hours do you have in healthcare?

I have hours from several different places. I was a CNA at an assisted living facility and have about 175 hours from there. I also have around 100 hours volunteering in the Swedish ER and 80 hours from volunteering at Bailey-Boushay House.

How about all of you?

I have been working for 2 years in an Emergency Department - probably around 5000 hours. I am worried about volunteer experience though. Deadline is coming up quickly. almost 1 month... Yikes! Anyone have some good advice.

Hi everyone I am also applying to UW BSN. I have 4.0 prerequisite GPA and a 3.98 overall GPA. I have about 440 hours of healthcare experience working at an assisted living facility for residents with dementia.

I have a question to ask everyone, I got an LPN to write my recommendation letter and not an RN will that hurt me?

When sending in your hard copy of you application and materials, are you all submitting the first two pages of the application in the envelope as well? (BSN checklist and second page)

For the colleges listed, for the end date if you are still attending then did you put a date?

Hey everyone. Just to answer a few people's questions.

I have about 4,000 hours of combine emergency room technician and medical floor CNA paid hours. I am going to submit my application on thursday. I'm currently a hospital assistant at harborview medical center. I won't have organic chem completed at the time of application submission, which is honestly my biggest weakness imo, but will be completing that this spring/summer.

Is everyone ready to submit their applications? :p

Good luck!

Hello everyone!

I am glad I came across this forum. I already submitted my application for the UW BSN program. But a little about me..

- About 1000 paid hours in my LTC facility as a CNA

- About 200 paid hours working at HMC as an HA

- About 200 volunteer hours in HMC's ER

I have a 3.93 GPA and in the span of 3 years I've accumulated about 3000 hours under my belt (management)

Bilingual: Vietnamese.

Hoping for the best!


I wanted to apply last year but decided not too because i didn't think my grades where good enough.

I handed my application in yesterday and saw them just throwing applications to the ground, assuming the ones that aren't making it :wacky:

So they are definitely already looking through them.

Now the first waiting period starts!

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I submitted my application on the due date. I hope that's not going to be held against me. I'm so nervous that a minor mistake in my application will just cause it to be tossed on the floor like Tomas_the_CNA mentioned. I spent 5 years as a Corpsman in the Navy and an additional 5 years as a MA/Health Tech. I did 100 hours of volunteer service with the same day surgery clinic at our local hospital. I have a 4.0 prereq GPA and a 3.9 overall. I'm so nervous and it feels like February 17th can't come soon enough. I haven't completed organic chem yet because if I don't get into UW I'll stay local (Bremerton) and the school here doesn't require it for their program. Fingers crossed and good luck to you all.