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  1. Hello! I am looking ahead making plans for DNP school. I am trying to apply to many schools to increase my chances of being offered a spot. However, I noticed that each program requires about 2-3 letter of recommendations. If you applied to multiple schools, did you ask the same professors/NP's to give a recommendation to multiple schools? Im just curious on how you went about this process. Thank you!
  2. cgb937

    Med Tech vs. Nurse Tech?

    Hello I am a med tech right now and will be planning to start nursing school next fall. After the first quarter of nursing school they said you can apply to be a nurse technician. I was wondering if that was any different than my current job as a med tech right now or not. Thank you for clarification~
  3. Did you ever meet them in person or just knew them by phone?
  4. I know as a CNA in a facility you are always near in RN if there is an emergency or if you have a question. However, as a HHA it is a lot more independent work and I was curious if you saw an RN every so often or if you only had a phone of a nurse.
  5. cgb937

    What exactly do you do as a Psych NP?

    I'm interested in becoming a psych mental health np. Both of my parents had a psych np when they were in treatment for their mental disorders. Although I knew about them, I never really asked my parents exactly what they did. Anyhow, I don't think they would know about their work schedule either. I know they prescribe medicine but are they also there to help with lifestyle changes and such? My questions are for those out there is what is your work schedule like, what exactly do you do and what is the most rewarding thing about your job. As you can see I don't know much about this specialty so any detail is interesting to me. I would love to know before I jump in it thinking I know what is about, when it turns out it is something way different.
  6. cgb937

    5 8s or 4 10s???

    4 10's seems more ideal to me. If you think about it, 2 hours is not that much of a difference from a 8 hr shift. I personally would rather have 3 days off. As well, 7-5:30 is a really good time/ schedule to have. Since you just came from 12 hrs, you know that 10 hours will seem less to you.
  7. cgb937

    Do all LTC facilities have RN's?

    Thank you guys for the quick responses
  8. Hello, I am curious to know if all LTC or rehabilitation centers have RNS. I have seen plenty LPNs and CNAS but is it required to have RNs in a facility? This may seem like an obvious answer for some of you, but I honestly have no clue whether it is required or not.
  9. cgb937

    Socks & clogs??? - Help!!

    I wear athletic socks with the clogs as well. The ones with the rubber grips on the bottom. They stay in place quite nicely and are very comfortable! It is interesting that you are not allowed to wear sneakers. They are much more sturdy and safe in my opinion.
  10. cgb937

    Should I pursue my dream?

    I agree with what others are saying. Make sure to talk it over with your family. However, I totally believe you should pursue your dream! It is your life, make the best of it. Many people go back to school to be nurses and even though it is hard with a family, I know it will be worth it in the end.
  11. cgb937

    UW BSN 2017

    How many hours do you have in healthcare?
  12. cgb937

    UW BSN program stats

    Hi I will be applying to UW Seattle BSN program next year. I am very curious to what current or past cohorts stats were. If you don't want to leave them, any tips would be good as well. Right now I am in Running Start and didn't decide to do nursing until late this year so I will have to apply for 2018. Anyways any tips would be great.
  13. cgb937


    No, it wasn't ordered for the resident.
  14. cgb937

    I want to give up, but also don't...ya know?

    If there is one thing that is stopping you, it is the attitude! Most people "fake it til they make it". Im sure not everyone in your class is as confident as they seem. They just have a positive attitude towards their future. If you are negative now, its not going to help you later.