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Hello everyone! Since applications will open within the next 2 months for the University of Washington's Accelerated Nursing Program for the Summer of 2018, I figured I would go ahead and start this article to start sharing knowledge and supporting each other through the next 6-12 months of preparation.

I am 35 years old and applying for this program after 18 years in telecom.

I look forward to "meeting" everyone!


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Hi there! I am planning on applying to UW's ABSN for Summer 2018 too! I was quite surprised to see that OChem is a prerequisite..

Hi back!! My understanding is OChem isn't too tough, but taking it this fall so I can let you know later.

The good thing is you don't have to have it complete prior to applying for ABSN, just prior to starting next June.

What is your background in?


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That's good to know because I've heard ochem can be quite difficult.

My background is in psychology. I completed all the non-science prereqs and just finished intro to chem (still need gen chem + ochem) last summer session. I'm currently taking anatomy and will be taking microbiology and physiology in the fall. How far along are you with prereqs? What's your background in?

Thank you for sharing!

I have completed all my prerequisites, except for OChem. I have been planning to apply for this program since 2015 -- so I have been chipping away slowly due to having a full time and part time job in addition to class.

My background is a Bachelor's in Social Science and I have worked in telecom for the last 18 years - though I have wanted to be a nurse since high school. Excited to finally have a chance to make it happen!

Have you started putting together your resume and personal statement info?


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Hey guys!

I am also applying this Fall. I have a bachelor's in Psychology. I am done with all my pre-reqs except for O-chem as well (couldn't do them all since I was also working full time and going to school part time). I have been working on my resume but I have yet to touch the three application questions!

Looking forward to getting to know everyone and have some support throughout this whole process :)

Welcome @shakethedust! I have my resume almost finalized and have the personal statement "in progress."

Hi everyone! I am applying to this ABSN program, after many years in health care research. I got my bachelors degree in Psychology and Anthropology 15 years ago, and an MPH 10 years ago, so I feel a little crazy paying for another degree. But I have come to realize that direct caregiving is a better fit for my personality, passions, and well-being!

I have worked a lot on my materials already, mostly because I applied to the traditional BSN program earlier this year and was rejected :/ While that was disappointing, it allowed me to reflect more deeply about my fit for nursing and ultimately gain more confidence this is the path for me. I have been finishing my pre-reqs (while working full-time, as many of you have been doing), shadowing nurses, and getting more hands-on healthcare experience.

It's great to have this forum for support and encouragement. Go us! Hope we all get to be in the same 2018 cohort :)

I'm in the current ABSN cohort that is about to graduate this month(!) I would like to add some input as this is advice that I wish I had received before choosing this program. I saw that someone in the cohort below me had enough concern about the program to actually post it on the website. I want to do the same. I am only sharing my own views and not the views of my cohort as a whole.

There's a high reputation for being a Husky nurse, but know that this program is stressful by the nature of it being accelerated and also due to the disorganisation/miscommuncation. After going through all of the quarters, I observed some significant issues with some teachers (but majority are great) and policies in general. Being in a program that is already stressful doesn't need additional problems. In my opinion, this program should have their stuff in line. I want to emphasize that most classes were great and if you're willing to put in the effort, you can get through it. There are, however, some classes that throw curve balls at you and really impacted my grades or disheartened me. These classes were unfair and I was extremely frustrated that issues occurred. I was told by a TA that "this was real life in the nursing world." I'm a nurse tech and went through several clinicals, so while I know that you need to be flexible in the field of nursing, the classes for this program should, at the very least, be organised. I've also heard complaints like this from my own mentor, the person I mentored in the cohort below me, and others from previous cohorts who have gone through this.

Since I'm a bit on the "older" side and have a family, this program was really my only option. BUT if you don't have anything else to consider, I would highly encourage you to talk to people who completed the ABSN program in recent years and see if they would do it again. I'm so happy that this program is about to be over. If I were younger, had no family, and not in a rush to get my BSN, I would have selected another program or applied to the traditional BSN program here.

Feel free to message me.

@GirlsJustWanaHavePun welcome! thank you for sharing your background. I am getting excited about the application posting soon!!


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Does anyone know if we apply to the Summer or Fall quarter as a post-bac student to UW? I keep forgetting that we have to fill out a second general application to UW Seattle in general. Looking at the application dates it says the application for Summer quarters opens Dec. 15th and the Fall application opens on the same day. However, it says that Summer quarter application is for "degree-seeking status only" Is that us? Anyone know which we apply to?

@shakethedust I have in my notes from this website below that ABSN has to do postbac for summer and BSN Fall postbac application.

UW Postbac Nursing Application section

If you wish to be considered for ABSN program (which begins summer quarter) and the BSN program (which begins autumn quarter), you must submit two separate UW application forms, one for each program. Therefore, you must submit a UW application for summer quarter (ABSN) and a UW application for autumn quarter (BSN).