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Hi!! I'm taking the NCLEX-RN exam in a month and I was wondering if Kaplan's Medications in a Box are any good to use to prep for pharm on the exam? Thanks for any feedback! :specs:


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Honestly i am not sure...I will say just focusing on the end of the the names helped me alot....TO many meds to memorize....its overwhelming, and i ended up having 10 or so meds on the nclex, i was able to pretty much figure out what they were by the end of the name, and since i knew that it was also easy to eliminate some of the answers....GOOD LUCK!!!


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Same for me! I used the suffixes of the meds, and I got around 10. I actually recognized all but one!


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thanks so much for your replies! I was thinking of knowing just the common side effects and nursing considerations for drug classes but sometimes the questions don't tell you why the pt is taking the medications.. =(

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Don't drive yourself crazy trying to memorize all of the meds. I only had two med questions on my NCLEX out of 75.

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I agree with Mike. I had tons of meds on my test, but they were meds that were very common and I had really studied the classification of meds, and not the actual meds themselves.

If you study the classifications, like for instance you know ACE-I ends in PRIL and you know you need to watch out for persistant cough and hyperkalemia, which means no salt subsitutes, this is how I did it.

I think it's a lot easier to take it by classifications and focus on major side effects.


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Thanks so much all of your for your responses! I'll stick to drug classes/common side effects and precautions..


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My instructor told me, it was a waste of money to buy them. The main focus should be answering questions and going over the rationales. know the drugs by category, serious side effects, contraindicate and nursing teaching (you know must drugs you cannot stop abruptly, no alcohol, consult physician if severe sides occur, infection, montly monitor of blood etc).

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