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USF- University of San Francisco- Applied? Considering?



Has any one applied to USF or is considering this school for Spring 2010 or Fall 2010? I am going to apply in October, so I am very anxious for October to arrive!


Hello Cee_Lee_78,

I was there for one of their info sessions and USF has a gorgeous campus! I am planning to apply to their 2nd degree BSN Spring 2010 or Fall 2010. I've enrolled in pre-req classes this summer and fall so maybe I'll make it in time for Spring 2010.

Why are you waiting for october to apply?

I am taking Micro in the summer , so I would it in addition to the a&p I am currently taking to be recorded in the transcripts I am sending ; strengthening my odds with a higher GPA if I do this. I had went to an info session in May and I fell in love and I can't help but think about attending there. I will be applying for Spring 2010, first BSN (crossing my fingers). If I don't get accepted then I will be applying for Fall 2010.

I am going to apply for their Entry Level Master's for Spring 2010. I just went to an info session and loved the campus, too!

Just curious how money does it cost to go to USF? Anywhere as outrageous as the tuition at Samuel Merritt?

It depends on what program you're going into. The Master's Entry Option for someone with a bachelor's degree in something other than nursing is $67,000 for the two years. I am not sure what there other programs cost.

Hey guys,

I am applying for Spring 2010 admission. I went to an admissions meeting, however they didn't seem very forthcoming with info in regards to gpa req, volunteer hours, etc. Do any of you know? Thanks. :)

this is probably the only private school that I will be applying to for Fall 2010...

I have all the pre-reqs for this school but I don't know if I want to spend the $$$. rather go with Samuel Merritt if I wanted to go in debt lol.

I am in the process of applying to the Spring 2010 nursing program.. I don't have the strongest GPA but was told by admissions to apply anyway because they base it on the pool of applicants. I thought it is just a way for the school to make money. But anyone have any experience with USF? I am excited but at the same time know that nursing programs get competitive. Any information would help. Oh and I live in NY so getting to their meetings is alittle difficult! lol

I got in USF nursing last year, spring 2009, at the same time, i got in NYU too, now I have been NYU for one year, but still not start my clinical hour, it's very bad school,because they canceled 2 of my transfer classes, so i have to take one English class and world culture in next semester, the 2 classes which i already took before i transferred. now i m thinking transfer back to USF. I came to NYU last year because their program only 2 years,1 year less than USF, but now, I am totally wrong.

I am writing this to tell you before you transfer, make sure to ask whatever school about what classes you can transfer. NYU .... i shouldn't come to this stupid school never ever....:cry::cry:

Really wow?? NYU is suppose to be an amazing school. I live in NY and it is ideal I mean it is known for its academics ... maybe their nursing program just has issues? I dont even know if I would get in because my GPA but I was really leaning towards changing it up and heading to SF. Thanks for the reply and advice and I will def make sure I look into all the credit transfers..


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If anyone has any application procedure information for USF that they can share, PLEASE send me a PM. I can't find much online and am getting quite confused.


You need a min 3.0 gpa and you can't have any required prereq failures from prior institutions ... Nov 1st is the deadline for spring... you need 3 recommendations.. transcripts.. essays.. applications and the fee..that is all I know.. I been on their website a thousand times and it gets complicated.. I tried calling and noone calls me back which is annoying because I am from NY and can't physically talk to someone lol... I am still debating on applying I have a week to decide. Might not be worth it... let me know what happens!! :)


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wait, 3 recommendations? their website specifically says one.

I was wondering whether there are two separate apps: one for the university and one for the nursing dept. If so, do we need two sets of transcripts? Does a separate nursing application packet need to be submitted and what needs to be in it? Do they need the TEAS scores and where should they be sent to? It says they look at extra-curriculars and leadership activities, but how do we submit evidence of those? Do they just want you to include that in your personal essay?

I don't think you have to have 2 sets of everything I think its just a supplemental application you fill out along with the one you are sending. I think? I don't know how they do the TEAS because they don't really mention anything about it. Every school's pre nursing test requirments are different. I guess you can submit like a resume type style for the extra curricular. I think all the applications go through normal admissions and they weed out the ones for nursing and send it to their dept. lilke they see if you meet the reqs and then send your app over and then the nursing dept weeds out some more.. its highly competitive. I dont think I will apply. I dont have a very high GPA and my past college transcrips unfort are haunting me lol... I should just start from the begining lol..as a freshman.. here is their number call them and ask. Hopefully someone answers!! lol

Please contact the School of Nursing for further information (415) 422-6681, nursing@usfca.edu


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You should apply! They only have 4 prerequisites for their nursing program, so as long as you got As in Anatomy, Physiology, Micro and General Psych you'll have a 4.0! :) At this point I'm applying ANYWHERE I can. As long as I have the prerequisites done, I'm applying.

Anyway, thanks for the info!


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OK so I got my application packet in on time (thank goodness!)

Does anyone know when we'll be receiving notification of acceptance/rejection? Also, does notification come via USPS or e-mail?

Note: I applied for the TRADITIONAL BSN program for spring 2010 admission as a transfer student.

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