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  1. Cee_Lee_78

    Chabot College Fall 2011

    What the school doesn't state is that the criteria score is used to calculate our GPA and other factors, but it still didn't make sense when calculated. I have mix feelings now. Oh well. I think I am better of going for my BSN.
  2. Cee_Lee_78

    Chabot College Fall 2011

    I received my notice as well: "You have a 3.36 GPA, but did not meet the cut off criteria of 3.54 GPA". So I have a problem with this notice: when applying there was absolutely nothing stated about a cut off criteria with a 3.54 GPA, so I find the website information (that was during the time of application turn ins) to be very misleading information. I am 98% complete with my GE, my science GPA is strong (3.5+), and I took the TEAS V two weeks ago -achieving a 76.4% while the ADN/BSN Mean is 68%. I don't want to sound like a complainer, b/c I know things happen for reasons, but I just feel a bit mislead -and as if I wasted my time and money in transcripts to even apply. Had I known the criteria score was 3.54GPA, I would have never applied.
  3. Cee_Lee_78

    Chabot College Fall 2011

    Notices are not going out until Friday/Saturday.
  4. Cee_Lee_78

    Chabot College Fall 2011

    Thanks for the update. These past few weeks have me full of anxiety. I think the district stipulate was for the previous years; that may explain why the increase in applications - its no longer a requirement. Good luck!
  5. Cee_Lee_78

    CSUEB Teas Scores

    I believe you divide your score by 25 and you will get a solution similar to GPA format.
  6. Cee_Lee_78

    Ohlone College vs. Chabot College

    Congratulations! If I don't get into USF for Fall 2010, my back up is Ohlone Spring 2011 and CSU East Bay for Fall '11. Wish me luck as I will for each of you! :anpom:
  7. Cee_Lee_78

    Cal State East Bay, anyone?

    A majority of the staff on the program are USF alumni. Exceptional program within the bay area and even of Northern California. If I dont get accepted for USF 2010, then I will be applying for CSUEB Fall 2011 as well. Good luck! Let's keep each other posted..
  8. Cee_Lee_78

    USF- University of San Francisco- Applied? Considering?

    One of the directors of admissions stated that they will receive over a thousand of applications during the last two weeks of application deadline. Keep in mind, not everyone is qualified to apply, yet he/she sends the app any how. From what I remember from meeting, about 80-100 are accepted? I think less for Spring. I could be wrong.
  9. Cee_Lee_78

    USF- University of San Francisco- Applied? Considering?

    Undergrad meeting: the assistant to the program made it very clear ( a number of times) that although a 3.4+ is good to be competitive, they very much consider the essay, LOR, overall GPA, and other activities or life circumstances. USF truly believes in their mission being alive and active in the community, so GPA is not the only factor for those they choose to be a part of their programs. I am on a quarter system, so I have a 3.4+ with 2/3 of the AP (4.0) and Psych (2.0), I know right, out of all classes I get a C in Psych--I took it in summer as a 6 week course, bad decision. If I need to reapply for Spring 2011 with my last AP and Micro being an "A", my GPA will be 3.6+. However, I am praying that I get into Fall 2010 as a 6 semes' offer, as I will be ready for clinical according to the BSN curric'. Has anyone applied for FALL 2010?
  10. Cee_Lee_78

    USF- University of San Francisco- Applied? Considering?

    Tick tock tick tock tick tock (waiting for the Fall 2010 response )
  11. Cee_Lee_78

    USF in San Francisco: Applied? Considering?

    average gpa for the prereqs is 3.5-3.6. they consider the application letter as well, so sometimes if gpa is lower usf considers your reasons for wanting to become a nurse as a factor when choosing you into the program.
  12. Cee_Lee_78

    study methods of A&P?

    1. What should I do when I disagree with a teacher's answer in a test? What I did was to argue, but no result. Schedule an appointment with them in their office, because confronting him/her in front of students is not well like of teachers or professors. Make sure you “understand” the question and what is being asked. Also, be prepared to reference what you disagree on and how it contradicts notes or textbook material. Keep in mind, some teachers will choose their own “verbiage”, as in lecture notes, as supposed to the textbooks “verbiage” when creating answers for exams, so you need to ask questions before exams to validate which is going to be the “correct” answer, the textbook or the lecture notes. 2. Which way do you think is the most effective way to memorize exactly and quickly? When I try to memorize words of A&P, what I do just repeats and repeats. If you are planning on being a Registered Nurse, then I don’t fully suggest memorizing; you have a greater chance of forgetting the material needed for the future. The material you learn is all related to how your body functions, which is all helpful when you work as a Nurse. Use someone like a friend, relative, or significant other to point to certain body organs and explain a little of what you know about it to them. Also, if the teacher permits, take photos of the Anatomy models or any lab posters/materials that you can review on your computer in conjunction with your notes and textbook. You will better understand what you are learning and it will automatically process in your brain. If you need to learn definitions then rewriting it over a few times for a few days could help as well. 3. Do you think the teacher's notebook is as important as the textbook or more important than the textbook? How to use both of them effectively? When I studied A&P, I mainly read the textbook instead of the teacher's notebook. I would take the teacher’s notebook and use it as a reference guide for the textbook. If the notebook has a page focused just on the brain stem then focus your attention on what the textbook teaches about the brain stem along with what the teacher is trying to teach you about the brain stem, using both as information for your exams; some information will overlap. Keep in mind that it all depends on the teacher’s style of teaching. One teacher I had was redundant of the textbook material, another gave a whole new perspective on the subject-never using the textbook except for images, while my most recent teacher used both lecture notes and textbook material but exam questions were in the teacher’s “verbiage”. 4. Do you have any tip of dividing a heavy task, such as reading a chapter of the textbook? I spent five hours on reading the chapter, and always had little time to read the notebook after that. Do not read it word for word. Skip areas that are hard to grasp and go back to it later in the day. If there are images or figures to explain a process then read a few steps, look back at the image, then read a few more steps. I never read a chapter word for word and still I was able to Ace my A&P courses. All in all get to know your teacher’s style of teaching and expectations with exams and do not be afraid to ask questions to not just the teacher but to students who are doing great in the class. And this is nursing prereq courses so give yourself time to grasp the material, last minute cramming will not help, I know from own experience. To a certain extent animated videos on YouTube helped as well, but not all information can be a dependable reference.
  13. Cee_Lee_78

    Microbiology - Summer 09

    I start Micro on Tuesday for 10 weeks, meeting TR from 1-7pm (ouch). I have already taken the chem prereqs along with A&P I-II. I just need to take A&P III and English. I am hoping Micro will be just as easy as A&P was, otherwise it is going to be a brutal summer for me (keep in mind I have a 2 and 5 year old running around the house as well). I wish everyone luck this summer and upcoming fall.