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USF spring 2011 BSN


Hey all.

Just thought I would start a thread for USF nursing program-BSN for spring 2011 to see when people start hearing back and what not! Wishing everyone luck!:)

Are you talking about University of South Florida, University of St. Francis (Indiana or Joliet)?

Sorry I should have specified. I am talking about University of San Francisco.

I personally want to get a BSN versus an AA in nursing because if you ever want to go up you have to have a BSN usually (as in get your masters in nursing or NP) And in some facilities you start out with more pay.

Hey, just wondering if you have heard anything yet! I have not gotten an email yet. I am pretty anxious to find out! Is there another thread for USF? Im transferring from Texas and need so much info if I get accepted!


No I haven't heard anything either! I wanna know so badly too!! Do you have any idea when we will find out? I hope soon! Texas wow that is far! I am like 45 minutes away from SF. But if i get in I would need a lot of information too!!

I called the admissions office in November and they said we should receive an email during the first week of December...so I HOPE tomorrow I get an email. USF is my first choice school and I need to start looking for places to live!!!

I hope it is tomorrow!! I am so nervous. Someone in my class told me when they called it wouldn't be until the end of the month but i didn't really believe it. I no if we get in we have to act fast on everything! I wish us both the best of luck! USF is my first choice too! did you apply anywhere else for spring?

I also applied to University of Texas Arlington... I've already been accepted, but its nothing compared to what USF would be like. I really have my hopes up for USF even though it will be much cheaper to live here. I hope you get in! Let me know if it works out for you!

Same here. I'm hoping to hear from them very soon (USF BSN Spring 2011). Hoping that they send out the admission letter this week. I try my best not to worry. Just an encouragement: LET'S KEEP OUR FAITH STRONG IN THE LORD. THERE'S POWER IN PRAYER.

Thanks for the encouragement I am sure we could all use it!:)

December 2nd....still no word... I just want to know. whether good or bad!

hey everyone this is my first post on this website reading everybody's comments and situation on usf is making me nervous and excited. i also applied for the spring 2011 bsn program and this waiting is killing all of us. let me know if anyone gets anything. all i heard was middle of december maybe that means next week or the week after hopefully sooner than that and we will all know we got accepted haha.

I got in!!!! I received it in the mail this morning. However, it will take my 8 semesters to complete. (spring 2012 clinicals). Hoping the best for everyone else!!:)

Nice congrats. Thats long 8 semsters, but hey your in the school and the program haha. I'm still waiting my mailman takes forever to come grrr. Are you a transfer student.

ya I am a transfer student. 8 semesters is long but I figure I am in a program.

CONGRATS!!!! : ) I have not received anything yet!!! 8 semesters? Woahhhh.... but still very exciting! Did you get an email or a phone call as well, or just mail? I am worried now!!!!

Checked my mail and nothing has been recieved yet. dang the waiting is killing me hopefully by monday I can recieve something. Did you have any previous experience as in volunteering or CNA

I just got something in the mail. I am doing a CNA class this semester and am taking the test in January to become officially certified. I also did volunteer work at kaiser for about 6 months. I also had past volunteer work at the children's recovery center and I did the adopt-a-grandparent program when I started off college at Chico State. (didn't stay though)

And yes i no 8 semester seems like a long time, and probably will be but i am willing to do it. The first year I will just be doing core classes and non-clinical nursing classes.

I hope you guys all hear back soon with good news!! :)