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Use this book!!!

Just a little advice to anyone who has failed, or has not taken the NCLEX yet. If you failed, I feel for you. I was one person that had to take the NCLEX-RN 7 times until I passed. Never never give up. If you made it through school, you're ment to be a nurse. I just wanted to let everyone know that I had a book called NCLEX-RN Questions and Answers made Incredibly Easy It really works, and if you buy it, use it!!! Do every question, front to back, which it covers all areas of nursing practice. I think they have a PN one too. Then about 2 weeks before your test, do Saunders disk, which I did the practice tests, 10 questions, approx. 100 per night. This really helped me, I was a horrible test taker, still am, but am proud to say I am a Registered Nurse!!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!:balloons:

Congratulations!!!!! I hope everyone who has gotten discouraged over the NCLEX sees this. NEVER stop chasing your dreams!

Hello jeepygirl Ur such an angel, thank you for your wonderful advice. Right now am reviewing Saunders CD 100 qts per day. I did not pass the first time. Wow whoever read ur post will surely say "THank you"... You are right, we made it through nursing school.. And now no matter what, We will soon Pass NCLEX right u now:nurse:


I am not the best test taker either. I only studied for the NCLEX for 3 days and found that the Kaplan Exam book and CD were the most helpful. I read it twice and the info is great! I passed the boards with 75 questions. I have recommended that book to everyone- the rules are good to follow. Good Luck!!!:roll :roll :roll

Where do you get the Saunders disk? Does it come with a book? Thanks!;)

Do you read the book by Saunders also? Does the disk come with it


Hi, jeepgyrl24,

if you are still with us (congratulations, you passed) I have a question.

I happen to have the same book and wonder is that really enough to prerare for the exam? I don't have Sounders CD with Q&A, how can I get CD?

Thank you!


Here is information regarding the Saunders review book/CD and any other nurse textbooks at www.half.com or www.campusi.com. This website has textbooks new and used for half price. I've purchased all of books and other things at this incredible website. All you need is a title of book, ISBN, author. I hope this helps. Good luck.


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I took NCLEX yesterday and passed. But what I have learned is that these review/question books are pretty good. But let me say this, I don't think it's so much content of these review books, but it's the strategies to use when analyzing and answering questions. But the questions are excellent practice to use to analyze and answer! So answer as many questions as humanly possible, apparently it worked for me! Good luck to all of you.

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