US Congress again to try to ban "Partial BIrth Abortion" - I think this is good!

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The US Congress is again set to produce a bill to ban so called "Partial Birth Abortion," aka intact Dilation & Extraction.

It is happily highly likely the President will sign the bill into law, and we will rid our nation of this most barbarous procedure.


There is NEVER a situation where it is medically necessary.

The cervix is dilated over 24 plus hours with laminaria.

The position of the unborn baby is identified, such as with ultrasound.

The abortionist reaches into the uterus and induces a breech, feet first, delivery.

The unborn baby is then delivered, all except the head, which is kept in the birth canal.

Surgical scissors are then jammed into the back of the baby's skull and an opening is enlarged into the cranium.

Rigid suction catheter is then inserted into the cranial vault, and the brains are suctioned out.

The skull is then collapsed.

The now dead baby's delivery is completed by the abortionist.

Immediate complications to the mother can include placental rupture, severe bleeding, uterine puncture, bowel puncture, bladder puncture, pulmonary embolism, live birth and occasionally death.

Delayed complications include pelvic infections, increased future miscarriages due to compromised cervix tone, sterility, breast cancer and Post Abortion Syndrome emotional distresses.

Treatments for serious near term complications can inculde blood transfusions, emergency uterine, bowel and bladder surgery, colostomy, IV antibiotics and further procedures to remove missed POCs.

The further the abortion is done in pregnancy, often the more severe the Post Abortion Syncrome emotional distresses can be. These include suicide, severe depression, sleep disturbances, appetite disturbances, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, difficulty relating to children, difficulty relating to spouse...

The PBA (D & X) abortion of mid and late term pregnancies by the abortion industry is favoured, as it provides the opportunity to harvest for sale developed aborted baby body parts, tissues, organs and cadavers.

The procedure strikes me as, not merely barbaric, but something that a nazi death camp or communist gulag medical research "Doctor" would be proud of.

I think it is high time that this most monsterous procdure is banned from our nation.

What do YOU think?

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Please contact your US Congressmen and the White House to urge outlawing PBA.

Thank You.


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Or perhaps you wish to contact them to say you support such procedures?


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Please refer to the previous discussion on "partial birth" abortion and mayonnaise.


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oh PUHLEEZE not again! this was discussed ad nauseum as fiesty said. everyone is entitled to contact his/her representative regarding their feelings on this touchy subject but this issue will NOT be resolved here!


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I would like to comment (because I can't let anything go) on the issue of "Post Abortion Syndrome" mentioned by yazisizit.

A major longitudinal study by the American Psychological Associated was unable to detect any evidence of Post Abortion Syndrome. A representative of the APA has testified before a committee of the US House of Representatives that PAS does exist, but is less common than post-partum depression after a birth.

A commentary in the Journal of the American Medical Association points to PAS as a rare post-abortion phenomenon. Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, a famous opponent of abortion, was asked by President Reagan to study the health effects of induced abortions. He responded in a 1989-JAN-8 letter that he could not form a conclusion from the available data. A year later, Dr. Koop told representatives of some pro-life groups that the risk of significant emotional problems after an abortion was "miniscule".


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That is old news. Post Abortion Syndrome emotional distress post abortion is well established. Any search engine will yield multiple respectable studies and reports on this now established post abortion complication.

And, yes, this is DOES need to be addressed "again"...and again...and again... until this most monsterous procedure is banned from our nation!


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Ya know what, there are lots and lots and lots of nice pro-life bb's out there. There are also lots and lots and lots of nice pro-choice bb's out there.

Save this discussion for there. Honestly, you aren't going to change anyone's mind by arguing the topic on a bb or screaming or yelling or whatever. We are sooooooooo not in the mood for another flame thread. It gets old reaaaaaaaaaly fast.

If you're pro-life, great. Go to a rally. Volunteer at a home for unwed mothers. Adopt an unwanted baby. If you're pro-choice, great. Go to a rally. Volunteer at a clinic. Hold your friend's hand if she gets an abortion.

WHATEVER. Just save it for somewhere else but here. Geez. :rolleyes:


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Ditto again! Is that a "tritto?"



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If people are uncomfortable with this topic, then I will refrain from debating it. However, I am not a big fan of censorship on any bb.

I wonder why some people are afraid to talk about this?

Hmmmm...maybe they dont like the facts interfering with their beliefs on abortion!

Oh, I guess abortion is not a nursing issue?

Gee - thanks for educating us!

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