So I initially took the test about a month ago and I thought I was prepared well in every section, but I disregarded math and I showed on my results. I took the test again yesterday and let me tell you I felt so good about it afterword's! I scored a 84 which was a 10% increase from my previous score and a 24% increase from the ATI pretests.i missed my desired score by 3% but I am extremely happy with my results.

In other news i talked to the nursing admission secretary and found out the average acceptance was an 82. I am extremely happy and will be applying for spring entry into the program. Sorry for the mismatched sentences as I'm typing really fast and excited !


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That is fantastic!! I am planning on retaking mine next month and would love to get your score. What did you do differently to prepare this time?


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I took a spiral notebook and when through the whole book and wrote all the bolded words in my own definition or online definitions. So main idea, supporting details, commas, eclipses,etc. For the Math section I wrote down each section and the example problems and solved them without looking at the answer, and then I did the practice problems as well. I just sat down and forced my self to read and re-read the book and then my notes until I felt good. Then I would look up Main idea, eclipses, and all the other sections online and get a better grasp on them.

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Congrats!! My ATI TEAS study guide arrived yesterday, so today my studying begins...yikes

I am SOOO grateful for all the hints, tips, and suggestions from all of you :yes:


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Congrats! And good luck!

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Congratulations and best wishes for all successes in your program. I hope you love it!