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I got a call this morning from the Executive Director of the facility where I work. She congratulated me on getting into nursing school and told me that they want to, with my permission, work out something around my school schedule. She said they'd like for me to continue working in the HR dept. and to do patient transporting prn and then once I finish clinicals, to move me into a student nurse/pca position. She even said they'd like to assist with tuition! They just want me to tell them what works best around school/studying because as she said "School is very important and we want you to do well."

Of course, I'm jumping on this opportunity. I'll be able to work here, no doubt, all during school and once I finish they'll pay for my board and license fees--all the while paying for me to go for RN.

That's why mama said never burn your bridges...


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Originally posted by Luv2banurse2004

That's why mama said never burn your bridges...

That's right! And what an excellent daughter you are for listening!


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Woohoo! Awesome for you!!


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What a wonderful blessing you've been given...good luck and congrats!

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WTG!!!!! Congrats!!!!

Thanks to all for your well wishes. :kiss

Still kind of shocked but I do count it as a blessing!

That is wonderful :D


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Awesome! Congratulations!!!

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:biggringi :biggringi :biggringi


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YAY! Super for you! :D


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That is wonderful for you!!!! I hope it all works out for you!!:)


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Good for you. I hope you will be happy!:)

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