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Just wanted to let you know that Ma has been diagnosed with Cirrhosis, with heavy liver damage.

She is 75, and from what I know about the Interferon, it has many nasty side effects, and I don't think she is going to want to go through that.

Especially if it really isn't going to do much good.

I would appreciate prayers for her, and for me, as I am the only one of the kids in town, and will be dealing with a lot of this alone.

Thanks for your support.



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From personal experience the one thought I can offer is that as you go through this when things get really, really tough please remember this.

It is just as hard for the parent to become the child as it is for the child to become the parent. I would find myself becomming frustrated with my grandmother and/or my father (Both ill at the some time and living with me) and than I would have to step back and remember that their loss of control/responsibility had to be just as hard as my sudden gain in responsibility.

Remember to take time out for yourself (Mental Health days) to keep yourself healthy for you Mom. Just little things like taking a walk in the woods help. Once in a while take Mom for a drive in the woods also. She will also need "Mental Health days"

Marla I am sorry to hear about your mother. I give a prayer for you and your mother. My uncle is on interferon and it is pretty nasty. He has not been feeling to well. It is a tough decision for some people to make.

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My prayers and thoughts are with you all!



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i am so sorry about your mother! {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}

strength & peace to you and yours!


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I am so sorry to hear about your mum. Please keep us posted.

I was on interferon for a year (yep, a whole year) so if you have any questions about side/adverse effects, interactions, or anything please feel free to ask.

My prayers are with you both.


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Hang in there,I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers,and if you need to talk my email address is [email protected]

Take care

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