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I took NCLEX today for the 2nd time, I really dont feel too confidant about it. I left in tears. but when when i tried the pearson vue trick it would not let me re register. does the "trick" really work??? Im freaking out and my anxiety level is through the roof.

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Suggest checking it out via the numerous threads in this forum but generally it is good news. Congrats


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What did the popup message say


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It said delivery successful


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did it take you to cc page? did it say "Our records indicate....


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It said our records indicate. No cc page


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I tried the pvt 2/3 As soon I got to my car and got the good pop up. I got my results 2/5 and I Passed. I've had 3 other classmates that took nclex pn on 2/3 and the all got the good pop up and have passed.


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This waiting is driving me crazy


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Waiting for the results is almost worse than waiting to take the test!! I took mine today at 11:00AM EST. I did the PVT when I got home, got the good pop up, but still wondering..... EEK!:nailbiting:

Good Luck!!! :up:


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good luck to you as well, Im definatly going to pay the $8 tomorrow for the quick results. I keep getting the good pop up, but my name is not on the state website. I;ll keep ya in my prayers!!!:up:


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I PASSED!!!!! the pearson vue trick definatly stands true. My license was posted on the BON website before i was able to view them on the pearson vue website. so I also saved $8!!!! I am in shock and can not believe I am a nurse !!!!


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Congratulations!!!!!! Wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for preparing for the NCLEX?

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