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Just thought I would start a thread for anyone who applied for the fall ?

I have applied and I am very anxious for the response. I also applied to University Of North Dakota.

I also applied to USA for the PMHNP program. I wonder how many applicants generally apply to this program for the fall semester. Does anyone know how competitive it is to be accepted?

Not sure I'm hoping to apply next year to South Alabama

I got in to the Summer 2019 PMHNP. I think some of the semesters are the same as the fall start.

SpootHeadRN, do you mind sharing your stats ( GPA, experience as a psych nurse) so that we have some idea of competitiveness within the program? I am sure that it varies each semester, however I am curious.

Sure! My GPA is 3.3. I worked at my state's State Mental Hospital for 5 months on a locked unit and that is my only psych experience that they are counting. Due to not having 2 years or more of direct in/out patient psych experience I will have an extra class that includes 120 additional clinical hours following a BSN psych nurse. Even with the additional class credits the program is one of the lowest for required credit hours that I have found, so I'm not mad about it.

Does anyone know if they do rolling admissions after the deadline?

I am in the process of applying for the Spring 2020 start :) I think a lot of our classes will overlap.

Does anyone happen to know how strict they are with the two year requirement of clinical experience. I think I will be just two months shy by the deadline and am wondering if I will have to do the 120 hour clinical course. :(

They came across as pretty strict, however, the deadline was not the same as the application deadline. I received a letter stating that if I completed my full 2 years prior to the clinical start date then the extra hours could be waived. Your HR department will just have to write you a letter, is my understanding.

Check your e-mails. I just received a notice that I have been accepted !

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