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University of San Francisco Nursing (USFCA) FALL 2017


Hi All,

Started this thread in anticipation of the March 1st deadline for applications to the University of San Francisco Nursing Program (Fall 2017). This is my second time applying and I am hoping is my last time lol. Anyways if you want to chat about the process don't be shy. I've been looking on past threads and was on one for last semester (Spring 2017) and found this to be helpful even though I didn't get in @USFCA. My stats are listed below if anyone is intrested to take a look. The only variables I have changed since my last application was me finishing psychology, art history, and california history.


  • Science Pre Reqs: 4.0 (Anatomy, Physio, Micro, and Psych)
  • Nursing Pre Reqs: 3.925
  • Transferable GPA: 3.8

I also volunteer at a local hospital once a week for 4 hours (Started last August). I have 4.5 years EMT experience. I'm only currently taking sociology for this semester and this will be the first time I've not taken at least 12 units at my community college. Look forward to your responses!!!!

Hey @aspiringmurse I'm an aspiring murse as well! I applied in mid January and am waiting patiently to hear an admissions decision for fall 2017! Currently, when I try to check my application the server goes down. Is this happening to you? Thanks for starting this thread!

Hey Hope47,

Nice to meet you!! Yeah I had the same problem too. You have to go on the website and click on the check application status. For some reason you can't bookmark it as of right now.

hello everyone my name is gisela , and I also applied to USF for fall 2017, I applied a few weeks ago. I have a friend who just got accepted for Spring 2017 like 2 weeks before classes started...

Hi Sela!!!

Nice to meet you!!! Goodluck to us all.

Hey everyone!

I also applied to USF for Fall 2017 nursing. My stats are:

Transferable GPA: 3.66

Prerequisite GPA: 4.0 (Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, and Micro is in progress (currently have an A)


Vice President of Fundraising for Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (Beta Mu Gamma Chapter)

Member of Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society

On Dean's and Presidents list

Work experience at the Early Learning Center on campus where I was a Student Aide in a classroom of 3-4 year old students

Also work as a babysitter and a pet sitter on the side

Volunteered for the Alzheimer's Association

Member of the golf team for one season

Placed 3rd overall in Informative Speaking in a school wide speech tournament

I'm not exactly sure what they're looking for in an applicant so I decided to just play it safe and add all of my extracurriculars in the app. Thanks @aspiringmurse for making this thread, I've been freaking out alone! You have great stats! Good luck to everyone!!

Also, did anyone receive an email from USF encouraging them to apply and receive a fee waiver through that email? They sent me 3 emails about why I should apply and reminding me that they waived my fee but I hadn't even put in for a fee waiver. I'm wondering if maybe it's because I attended a nursing day at USF? No idea, but I hope we all get in! :)

Hi LiLSprigg,

You have great stats too!!! And your extracurricular activities stand out. As for the email I didn't receive anything. Starting to feel more anxious by the day. From what I observed on past threads we should hear by third week of April for transfers.

Hi there!

I'm a USFCA hopeful for Fall 2017. I'm very nervous about getting in because I don't have any medical experience at all. No volunteer or paid - so I feel like I'm automatically out of the running. But I'm still trying to put positive thoughts into all my other strong areas.

My overall gpa is only a 3.62 but it was from my very first semester back to college after 12 years of no school, and they were all business classes. Every semester since has been all As. I'm hoping since they take a holistic approach they will see that I was just trying to figure out what I wanted to do and since then I have been a great student. My nursing and science/math gpa is a 4.0.

I do feel like my personal statement was extremely strong and without knowing it I expressed all the key points that USFCA stood for - that just happens to be what I stood for as well. I got pretty hopeful on the tour I took last Friday and listening to what they value.

I also got three very detailed/strong letters of recommendation for teachers. One science, one English, one math. I'm hoping since my teachers expressed how much they knew me and my struggles and the things I persevered through (single mom three kids; financial hardships, managing my past heart failure health issues, battling the education system for my daughter's dyslexia, etc - all while going to school full time) - that it will help me be a stronger candidate. Because of my lifestyle I don't have much time for groups and clubs or volunteer. I feel like that is another negavtive I have to over come.

fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!! Your guys stats are so strong, it's making me nervous!


Hi guys!

My stats are:

-3.7 in science GPA

-4.0 in nursing prerequisites

-3.8 overall GPA

-92% on TEAS overall (we don't need this though right)

-200+ hours at St. Joseph's Hospital

-200+ hours at CHOC

-40+ hours at Hoag Hospital

Best luck to all of us!

Nice to meet y'all!!! Hope we all get in!!!

Saw an instrgram post saying they mailed out decisions!!!!!

What? Really? Which picture? Which account?

It's on the Snapchat type section on instagram

I don't know how to view that!

Did it say for Nursing students?

I figured it out finally! So nerve racking!

Really? I called in Monday & was told that the only decisions that they sent out were for freshman applicants. They said they're behind on a lot of applications because they were closed last week so processing of transcripts & what-not will not be done until the end of this week or next week.

Oh I see.. yeah I was just looking at the instagram I guess those are for the freshman then.