USFCA (University of San Francisco) Fall 2023

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Hi everyone! I haven't seen a thread for Usfca fall 23, and decisions are coming out in a few weeks! 

Hello! I've been checking constantly to see if there was a thread for fall 2023, and I'm so happy I cam across yours! 

I am so nervous! Good luck!

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Literally same lmaooo! I was like okay maybe I should just make it myself 

Im so scared! I'm pretty sure I won't get in ? 

Nooo, don't say that! If you don't mind me asking, what were your stats? 


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vi24 said:

Nooo, don't say that! If you don't mind me asking, what were your stats? 


Overall GPA: 3.6 

pre-req: 3.8

1 year of CNA experience 

what about you?

I think that your stats are great! And having CNA experience is a plus!

Overall: 3.8

Pre-req: 4.0

2 years CNA 

A few hours of volunteering at SMCS LOL

I was hoping to have a lot of volunteer hours but due to COVID many of the volunteer programs shut down. Luckily, in January the volunteer program at Sutter opened up! 

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Thats good! I'm just scared because I know my stats aren't great and I wrote my essay last minute too

OMG I wrote my essay last minute too! Literally the day before applications were due LOL

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Did you send in any sort of like verification for your CNA & volunteer hours or just state you're involvement in your essay?

I just stated my involvement in my essay and I wrote my work experience in my resume. What about you?

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Same, I just wasn't sure if we were supposed to send anything else in. I definitely feel like I could have talked more about my work experience in my essay but I also wanted to make sure I was actually answering the question 

Hi did you guys apply for BSN? 

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