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Hey guys!

I haven't seen much going on this year in the Oregon nursing (student) forums so I thought I'd check in and see what's going on with everyone!

Also, I got my acceptance letter from UP and wanted to see who else is going to be joining me next spring!! I wish I had gotten the acceptance letter before I gave myself a heart attack trying to apply to OHSU before the deadline though! Haha.

So excited to meet everyone and look forward to hearing your plans!


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Hi Portlandgal,

Congratulations on your acceptance!!

I also received an acceptance email today from UP! Did you receive your acceptance in the mail?

I also applied to OHSU. It sounds like you are going to go to UP. Have you heard any advantages of one over the other or do you have a preference? The application process for OHSU was a bit long and brutal; good for you for getting it done in a hurry!

I am moving to Portland from out of state. I am very excited to start!

I was accepted into the UP 15 class. Super excited, I keep checking my email to see if its some cruel dream and they sent it by mistake. I currently live in WA but lived down in Portland for 10 years and have a prior degree from UP so that might have helped my chances...

If you guys have any questions about the school or Portland area let me know.



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Congratulations, Jared! I am so happy for you! Hope to meet you in January!

By the way, I know what you mean by checking your email! I keep looking at mine too! :)

yeah its a huge weight off my shoulders, Also a nice validation of all that hard work in the pre reqs, I am currently still in Organic Chem as some of the schools required it. Its not an easy class for me and now that I got in I have to resist slacking in it... oh well.

Congrats to you as well Nette and I too look forward to seeing you in Jan.

@Nette123, Yes! I did get my acceptance letter by mail. It was a surprise to have it come so early, I still can't believe it!

If I did get into OHSU I'll probably have a realllllly hard time deciding between the two. UP is SUPER SUPER close to my house (literally five minutes away) and also close to my daughter's babysitter so convenience alone is what it might come down to when I am deciding! However, if I were new to Portland I'd be all over OHSU! It's ranked so high in the nation and it's on sight of the hospital for goodness sake.

And @jaredmatthewbrown, I feel your pain. I'm in chemistry 105 right now and it is grueling to put forth effort when I know that UP doesn't care! :). But we gotta finish strong right?

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Congrats! I was also accepted and am looking forward to meeting y'all in the spring! It seems so far away but I know the time will pass quickly.


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Congratulations Vivalavespagirl! It will go by fast, especially if you have a few prerequisites to complete first, such as Old/New Testament and Ethics! Does anyone have any idea where I could take these online? They don't offer them where I live now.

Portlandgal, I also received my acceptance in the mail yesterday. I couldn't really believe it until I saw it look so official. Ha!

I would have a hard time choosing between the two (UP and OHSU) too, but I am feeling really positive about UP after all the research and reviews I have read. I love the Dean's profile; have you read it? I think convenience is a big deciding factor when you are talking about your daughter! Unfortunately we won't know about OHSU until late April or May!

Let's keep in touch in the meantime here and there so we don't feel so alone in our thoughts! :)

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Ugh - I wrote a whole reply and it failed to post.

I am still having a hard time believing that I got in as well, especially because I never got a letter - I had to call admissions! I heard everyone else getting letters so, since I live in Portland, I called just to make sure my application had been processed and the admissions officer looked over my application and said my status was admit! Totally made my weekend for sure. I will not completely believe it until I see the packet that I was told should be in my mailbox Monday or Tuesday. It still feels as if it is a cruel mistake and I will get a letter declining me instead!

As for the pre-reqs, you can take Ethics and World Religions (which looks like it might be transferable for Comparative Religions - I intend to call UP to find out) at Portland Community College online. That is how I intend to take them. I am in grad school at Oregon State and they do not offer New/Old Testament online, so I will have to see if they offer it in a classroom environment, otherwise, I might have to take it as a non-admit student at UP sometime before Spring term starts.

That's odd. I live in Spokane and got my mailed letter on Friday and I think it was post marked on the 5th or so. I guess call the school if you are wondering. They also emailed me on Fri morning saying I was in contingent on having History and Stats, both of which I have done already so I just need to sort that out. Yeah those biblical history classes are hard to find matches for, a lot of my friends who would like to go to UP struggle with finding comps for them. I am currently registered for Bio Chem and Eng 101 for next qtr but now might switch to something else, I would be curious to see if there is another class I can take now or next fall to lessen the load at UP.... All I have done this weekend is think of the nursing program and read this site .... its becoming unhealthy haha.

Hope all you guys are doing well and good luck to all.

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Yeah, I was not willing to wait all weekend so I did call on Friday - that is how I found out that I was actually accepted. I have not received any emails from UP either, so I am definitely looking forward to mail this week to look that little piece of paper right in the face and believe it for reals.

And yes, I find myself being a little bit obsessive with everything nursing since Friday. My guess is that is normal. ;)

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Hey guys - Happy Monday!

I created a Facebook group for the University of Portland School of Nursing Spring 2015 cohort so that we can all keep in touch a bit easier. Hope to see you there!

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