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University of Northern Colorado??

Anyone attending or has attended UNC nursing program? How competitve is it? I am moving from out of state, with hopes of getting into a nursing program. I have a 3.27 GPA right now, with about 3 pre-reqs left. I am trying to figure out what my chances are for the traditional program or should I get my Bachelors and then apply for the second degree programs at UNC. Any thoughts?????:specs:

I was attended last year fall to join UNC nursing program in summer, but it was very competitive to gate in there nursing program. I fished LPN in community collage instead of wasting my time. If you live Colorado try University of Colorado Denver they less easy than UNC and if you afford it check Regis university they are expensive and good.

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Have you checked with UNC yet to see what their requirements are? I don't know firsthand, but I heard it was HIGHLY competitive to get admitted into the traditional program and you pretty much need a 4.0.

And this could have changed but their 'fastrack' 2nd degree program is only for students who have contracts with the local hospitals.

When I was living in Ft collins it seemed like everyone in northern CO was trying to get into nsg school.

Thanks for the input. Anyone else know if it would be better to get a Bach. degree first and then apply? since i do not have a 4.0

This is the information I got at a pre-nursing counseling session at UNC; if you get in touch with the school directly they would be happy to answer the exact questions you've asked--more accurately than I can!

Last year the cutoff GPA for the traditional BSN program was 3.5. For this program, provided you meet their prerequisites, they simply accept in order of GPA. They start with 4.0 and go down from there until their class spots are filled.

The second degree program is less dependent on GPA but quite dependent on interviews with the two hospitals that decide on admissions: Poudre Valley Hospital (Fort Collins) and Northern Colorado Medical Center (Greeley). The counselor advising us emphasized that getting a job with the organization you prefer to work with would help in the process. This second degree program requires you to work two years after graduation at the hospital that sponsored you.

Be aware that if you leave the second degree program early--as in even two weeks into tne program--you will owe a substantial penalty fee to the hospital that sponsored you.


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University of Colorado is also very competitive, yet they draw a lot on life experience and thus the essay portion of the application is a huge part of being considered (in my opinion). A minimum of a 3.0 in all coursework is required to apply. Regis also has an excellent program, though a bit more expensive.

Also the Denver School of Nursing is an option, though be sure to check if they are accredited yet.

Good luck on your search for a nursing school. You'll find the place just right for you!

The University of Colordao program is extremely competitive from everything I've heard. The traditional program at Regis is tough to transfer into - they only give 10 spots to transfers, they keep the rest for Regis students. The Denver School of Nursing has received its accreditation, but it's accredited as a technical school, so if you are thinking you might want to purse a masters or NP or other postgrad degree at some point, most programs won't accept the degree from them. But if you just want to work as a nurse it's fine.

I just found out that I got into University of Northern Colorado's summer 2009 program. I was waitlisted and got a call back later. I was number 4 on the waitlist and the only reason a spot opened up for me was because someone who was accepted into the traditional program really wanted a spot in the accelerated program, one opened up, she took it, and I was fortunate enough to grab her spot.

It is an extremely competitive program, the professors are more than willing to help their students succeed. Anyone whom I talk to affiliated with the health care system in Northern Colorado has nothing but good things to say about UNC Nursing graduates.

What it all comes down to is gpa. As someone had mentioned before, they take the highest weighted GPA and work their way down 72 spots from there.

Good luck and I'm happy to hear of others interested in the program as I am!


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Congratulations on your acceptance to UNC!! :lol2:

I just found out that I got into University of Northern Colorado's summer 2009 program.]

Congratulations! UNC is the program I hope to attend next year, and I am delighted to hear you got in. Please keep us up to date? I'd so love to hear what your classes and clinicals are like.

Many, many best wishes for your nursing career.

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Hi, I'm thinking of moving out to Colorado from California and I was researching the universities in Colorado. I've only been to one semester in college so far.. so if I did move to CO, would it be better to go to community college first then transfer to UNC? What other four-year universities in CO offer the BSN program?

Thanks!! :D

The other 4 year universities here (as far as I know) are Regis University, which is private, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, UNC and CSU-Pueblo. I know Regis only has something like 7 spots for students trying to transfer into their traditional 4 year program. That is, for the last 2 years of the 4 year degree. I can only imagine CU and UNC would be similar. You might want to considering getting into these schools with nursing as your major before the junior year would start. You can also get your BSN at Denver School of Nursing, but you'd have to look into the particulars of those requirements. That might be an option.

Congrats! Just out of curiosity what was your GPA when your were accepted into the nursing program? I am applying to the second degree program in December and I am kind of just curious as to what my chances are. My GPA is around a 3.4 I think.

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