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  1. Cmunst45636

    Troy University FNP

    I am currently enrolled at Troy University's FNP program. I live in another state. The program is a distance education program. However, we are looking into the possibility of moving to GA before I graduate. Does anyone know if Troy University is approved school for GA?
  2. Cmunst45636

    Nicus in the area

    Any opinions on the best nicu in the area to work for??
  3. Cmunst45636

    NICU RN with 1 yr experience

    How hard is it for nurses to get jobs with one year experience??Thinking about moving next fall when I will have one year of expereience working in the NICU....just wondering if I will be able to find a job
  4. Cmunst45636

    Houston GN Residencies

    Thanks for the reply. When should I apply if I graduate Aug. 5th? June/July?
  5. Cmunst45636

    Houston GN Residencies

    are there any internship in houston that start in the fall? I graduate Aug 5.
  6. Cmunst45636

    Hospitals near Satellite Beach

    if you dont mind where did you get a job in texas? I've been looking there too
  7. Cmunst45636

    RN new grad jobs

    How hard are the new grad jobs to come by in ATL?
  8. Cmunst45636

    parkland jan 2011 residency

    Is this number 500 for the labor and delivery residency...? did anyone apply for NICU?
  9. Cmunst45636

    parkland jan 2011 residency

    yeah that is what i was planning on doing...but i graduate at a weird time the first week of august...so im sure they are going to have a lot of may grads as well
  10. Cmunst45636

    parkland jan 2011 residency

    so how far ahead did you all apply before graduation? or did you wait till after?
  11. Cmunst45636

    parkland jan 2011 residency

    ANy word on how those who interviewed did? Im interested in the NICU as well...dont graduate for a couple months though. Seems like there was a lot of applicants!
  12. Cmunst45636

    MCG health

    Thanks! But was she able to apply before passing?
  13. Cmunst45636

    DALLAS hospitals

    Thanks for the reply. I will not be graduating until the first week of AUG. 2011. Just looking around hoping that there will be an opening when i graduate. MY husband and I are looking to relocate to Dallas. Is the new grad job market that bad??
  14. Cmunst45636

    DALLAS hospitals

    Is parkland hiring new BSN grads? I see some position for nurse intern and Nurse I..both say no experience. Any info would be great?
  15. Cmunst45636

    What are the chances of getting a job?

    Really..i dont graduate till next august( the first week of August). I see some jobs that do not say 1 year experience, like at a hospital in aurora. Is there anywhere that is taking new grads? Also I saw university of colorado denver nurse internship program is accepting applications. For that program do they only accept their own students?
  16. Cmunst45636

    What are the chances of getting a job?

    What are the chances of an out of state new grad with a BSN getting a job?

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