UnitedHealth Group - Anyone work for them?


  1. Is this an ideal place to work for someone who works better alone?

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United Health Group is currently hiring in my area - Texas. I was wondering if anyone who had previously or currently work for them can provide information as to holidays, vacation, sick time, etc. Also what is the going rate of pay for a Case Management like position or what is being referred to as an RN Service Coordinator? Are there any differences in these two positions? This is a work from home position. Any information you can provide would be quite helpful. Thank you all for your input.

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Hi LaKeeda,

Did is you take the job? I am interviewing for the same position this week and would like some insight on the same questions you were asking.


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Hello TEAG.RN:

I did take the job and have been employed since June 30, 2014. I mostly have good things to say about this company. While they have very good benefits, the insurance coverage they offer could be better especially since they are an insurance company. I specifically work on a specialty team as a Transitions Case Manager. I am also considered a Service Coordinator but the difference is that on a specialty team, you do not have a caseload. I would be happy to answer specific questions via private email. I don't know if this shows our private email address. If not, my email address is my first name at Hotmail dot com. Good luck!


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BCBS is also a GREAT place to work for care coordination.. Title is Medical management Soecialist 1, 2 or 3.. I love it.. Hasn't quite been ayear since I started, but I do truly love it!!!!!!!


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How much hospital experience did you have going into it? I'm looking into working the same kind of at home position. I'm happy to hear you're enjoying it!


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I hope you don't mind but I sent you personal email. Had some questions.

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Hi how is your job going so far i just accepted a job with uhg cm transition program