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  1. Nurses and Network Marketing

    While I have a full-time day job as an RN Health Services Manager, I also am a distributor for an MLM company that I believe in. There's a million MLM companies out there and millions of products to sift through. But I've run into a one-of-a-kind h...
  2. Is there a need for this?

    Overtonis, have you created an online course for building an ecommerce business? I would very much be interested.
  3. Nurse Entrepreneur Roll Call!

    Pfiesty, I would love to get some advice about how you started your DME company.
  4. UnitedHealth Group - Anyone work for them?

    Hello TEAG.RN: I did take the job and have been employed since June 30, 2014. I mostly have good things to say about this company. While they have very good benefits, the insurance coverage they offer could be better especially since they are an in...
  5. United Health Group is currently hiring in my area - Texas. I was wondering if anyone who had previously or currently work for them can provide information as to holidays, vacation, sick time, etc. Also what is the going rate of pay for a Case Mana...