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TanaRN85 has 10 years experience and specializes in Pediatrics & Telemetry.

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  1. TanaRN85

    I need your input on commuting

    Hello. I'm moving to the Missouri area soon for my husband's job and I too am considering accepting a position with Mercy. My commute would also be about an hour and a half commute as well. Curious as to how that is working for you?
  2. TanaRN85

    United Health Group

    Hello. I just recently accepted a similar position but in the Houston, TX area and for TX STAR Kids. Was curious if you ended up taking the job? If so, how flexible are the hours and days we work?
  3. TanaRN85

    UHG Telephonic RN Case Manager.

    I just accepted a job with them in the Houston, TX area - start in August. Can anybody give me some personal insight into what it's like working for them as a case manager. Like are the hours somewhat flexible - like say you needed to have a Monday off so you worked Saturday instead. Or say you wanted to start your day's earlier so you could end them earlier. Is that possible?
  4. TanaRN85

    UnitedHealth Group - Anyone work for them?

    I hope you don't mind but I sent you personal email. Had some questions.
  5. TanaRN85

    Telephonic Case Management Question

    I'm interviewing for a field case manager at United. I originally applied to the telephonic position and then after speaking to the HR lady who did my initial phone interview today she told me that they only had field CM positions open at this time. So I scheduled myself to interview for the field position in June. Could anyone give me any insight for this position in terms of hours, requirements, case load, etc. I'm needing the flexibility due to school and curious if this position would be able to offer that?
  6. TanaRN85

    United Healthcare Field CM Orientation

    I recently agreed to interview for a field case manager position with UHC and was curious how your orientation went and if you are still working for this company? Also looking for any insight into the scheduling/schedules, flexibility, work hours, etc? I will be interviewing for TX STAR Kids CM.
  7. TanaRN85

    Children's Hospital Info

    Has anyone worked for Children's Medical Center Dallas in their PICU? If so how different are the PICUs between the Plano & Dallas locations and the acuity of patients they see? Also would love to hear feedback on just working for the company in general. Thanks in advance for any input.
  8. TanaRN85

    USA DNP - anyone applying for fall 2015?

    Hello! Just wanted to drop in and see if there was anyone else in the track I will be attending. I was accepted into the Fall 2015 BSN-DNP Pediatric Acute Care NP track. Also considering talking to them about adding in the Nurse Educator classes as well.
  9. TanaRN85

    University of South Alabama DNP Spring 2015

    Will be starting the BSN to DNP with the Peds Acute Care NP Fall 2015 class. I was wanting to hear updates on how the program is going for everyone already working on completing the degree through this program.
  10. TanaRN85

    Comparing Work Places

    I do agree! There are a few ladies that work at TCH now that use to work at Children's Memorial and the only thing I've heard them really say/talk about is that TCH is more policy oriented where as Children's Memorial is a little more lax on the nurses just doing what they need to do. Also, I'm pretty sure you will see more trauma cases at Children's Memorial than at TCH - but that's probably more my opinion from what I've observed since being here.
  11. TanaRN85

    Comparing Work Places

    Yes I did! I got offered positions at both hospitals in PICU and I actually decided to go with TCH.
  12. TanaRN85

    Comparing Work Places

    I currently am researching and comparing Children's Memorial Hermann and Texas Children's - both med center locations - and trying to decipher which place stands out more in regards to working for them in their PICU and IMU/Step-Down units. I've done some of my own research and am just at a loss for which facility to pick because they both sound like awesome places to work. Any advice would be great! Or even if any of you just want to let me know what it is you love about your perspective employers would be great as well!
  13. TanaRN85

    Drexel Pediatric NP program...

    For those who have completed the Peds NP via Drexel - once you've completed all clinical hours and didactic courses do you have to take a comprehensive exam in order to receive your diploma and the paperwork to sit for boards? I know there are a couple of schools that require you to "test out" of there program before they will give you your degree.
  14. TanaRN85

    Any young african american travel nurses?

    Hello to everyone! QuittaRN I was curious as to if you took a position in NY? I'm new to this site but new to travel nursing as well and will be taking my first assignment in Hartford, CT and Connecticut Children's Medical Center. Just seeing if there are any AA nurses near me traveling as well.

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