UNF Summer 2011 Accelerated BSN Hopeful

U.S.A. Florida


Hello. I am hoping to get into UNF for the summer of 2011. I have taken the TEAS and am taking all of the pre-req courses. I am curious what other people got on their TEAS V and what their Pre-Req GPA is that are also trying to get into the accelerated program this summer. Also, any ideas on what the group interview will be like and what questions will be asked?

futurenurse....I was in group #7 at 8:30am, you?

Fl Husker.. we were in same group..:). I thought it was you when you wrote that you found your letter after your vacation. I sat next to you during interview process... Im happy for you, it was no doubt to me that you would get in thought you did great.... Congratulations!!!!!

futurenurse....were you the one who talked about being over in Sri Lanka? I think the panel was very impressed with all of your humanitarian efforts. Congrats to you as well....you have a big decision to make. UNF was the only place I applied so I'm very fortunate to have a spot!

yes.. I was.. Yeah I agree I was certain we would have at least 3 out of the 5 selected if not more. It was nice meeting you.. maybe we'll meet again.

I thought the blonde at the head of the table was a sure thing. I hope she got in! Good luck with your decision. Nice to meet you as well.

Hello everyone. I made my decision to join you all this May. I am very excited to start the program. I am looking to get a place up in Jax, so anyone looking for a roommate please let me know.


I am a prospective applicant for summer 2012. I wanted to jump into this thread and ask what you all thought about the program if you are currently enrolled? What is the clinical rotations like/faculty/professors? What is your typical schedule like? Also, if I were to start in summer 2012 would I finish in summer 2013? Feel free to send me a PM if better for you, I really would like to know if this program would be a good fit for me (plus i'm coming from out of state).

Like any Nursing Program, there are the good moments and the bad. No program is 100% perfect. I graduated from UNF's accelerated program a few years back, and I currently work in the CVICU/SICU/MICU. UNF really prepared me to be the nurse that I am today. The teachers are outstanding. You develop a real camaderie with your fellow classmates. Hope this helps!

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