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@DUKE or UNC. I am only applying to the BSN program. I meant that I will apply for both BSN(6 term cohorts). One deadline is in August and one is in December. But of course if I get accepted into Jan. I won't be applying. Thanks.


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Anyway, I'm writing about my journey to becoming a nurse on my blog.

Yogi Mel, if you still check this site, I'd love to read your blog from nursing school! I just got in to UNC and will be starting January 2014 and would love to read about someone's experience! Thanks


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Staffing ratios have been adjusted recently. I no longer feel that the environment is unsafe. I will always wish for more time to "nurse" my patients. (actually listen to them, spend quality time addressing their emotional needs). The last few new grad classes have become bigger and bigger, so things are looking brighter and brighter for new grads in NC. Just don't believe the hype that you will "easily get a job". Get an NA job and work hard at it. Every minute of that job is your job interview. When you graduate, use that connection to secure an interview.


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I am planning on applying to the nursing program this year and had some questions about the application. How many essays are required and what are the prompts like? Also when it comes to my volunteering is that something you have to talk about or explain or do I just give them something with my hours and the people I volunteer for sign off on it?