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  1. That is just the thing about it too. I won't even be done with pre-requisites until the end of this year. And if I need a year to get financially stable that mean actualy nursing school won't start until 2013. Then another 2 years of school. I won't be done until 2015. My kids would be 7 and 5. And I have no idea what the nursing field will be like. I would be 35 years old then. Not that its old. But I'm just trying to figure out if I should just start really networking in my current profession and try to move up that way. Nursing was a family goal. I was absolutely sure it would work then, but alone, I have no idea. And the thought of losing time with my babies hurts me. I don't want to if I don't have to.
  2. Well okay, I will make it as breif as possible. Okay my husband and I were planning on me going to nursing school in a year(end of 2011 or beginning in 2012). Several months ago, I found out he has been having ongoing RELATIONSHIPS with 2 women. Keys to one of their houses, going out in public, paying bills, planning on a baby, etc. So whatever, I'm leaving in 2 weeks. Now one reason I was so set on going to nursing school was because I had his support, help, income, etc. I will be 31 this year.My husband and I have 2 children. 2.5 and 6 months.So now that I have to be on my own, I initially decided I would put it out another year(say starting in 2013 instead), that would give me time and opportuntiy to pay off debt, get at least one of the children in pre k, etc. I am still taking pre-requisites and all and I plan on doing that all year. What I want to know is will nursing as a profession and career be suitable for me as a single mother. I am all about being involved in my childrens school, activities, projects, field trips, sport practices, events, etc. And I'm worried I will not be able to. I planned on doing all this with my husband. Now I don't have any doubt that my soon to be ex-spouse as well as his family, will not be there. They are very supportive family and love to do everything together, well rounded, etc. I also have a great relationship with my in laws and plan on having one with my soon to be ex husband. I guess I will not be able to make it to every game, or this and that. And I know that new nurses have to usually work nights and weekends, how will I have time to spend with them. Will I have to give up my weekends all together. I am seriously thinking about giving it up, but I would like to know how it works for anyone else going through the same thing. I'm just scared I will miss out on critical quality time with them.
  3. amyleadon

    UNCC School of Nursing/ graduates

    @misanonymous88, do you mind telling me what your application was like. What was your undergrad gpa What was your science gpa Essays, did you do all three. How much volunteer/work experience do you have. I am planning on applying for next year, Jan or May, and I think I'm a pretty decent candidate as well. I hope you reapply and I wish you acceptance in the school of your choice. I really am looking forward to attending UNC and trying to "claim it", remain focused, and work hard.
  4. amyleadon

    UNC-Chapel HIll School of Nursing

    @DUKE or UNC. I am only applying to the BSN program. I meant that I will apply for both BSN(6 term cohorts). One deadline is in August and one is in December. But of course if I get accepted into Jan. I won't be applying. Thanks.
  5. amyleadon

    UNC-Chapel HIll School of Nursing

    Yogi Mel, I like your blog. Is it hard to set one up. I wouldn't mind doing that. But anyway, I can't wait until those nursing text books are mine. I'm working really hard to get there. Best wishes to you...
  6. amyleadon

    UNC-Chapel HIll School of Nursing

    I have decided that I'm going to apply to UNC's 6 term BSN as well. The deadlines are perfect for finishing up things to go on my transcripts. I am a second degree student, but my undergrad cummulative is only around 2.7. I have great healthcare volunteer references, cna certification, science gpa of around 3.9-4.0, i've got great things to say in my essay(which im going to start now even though they aren't due until Aug or Dec.) I'm just not sure which matriculation I want to apply for. Probably be best to apply to both. I'm excited. I've been going crazy here in Charlotte trying to meet every requirement for most of the community colleges. My initial plan was to get associates first, 2 years, then get a job and do rn-bsn online 2 more years. And that doesn't even factor in time it would take me in between to apply and find a job. I could do all 4-5 years in 2 years at UNC. But the community colleges seem to have such a terrible process, In my opinion. They don't look at the applicant in whole and from what everyone has been saying UNC does. All they care about is SAT scores that I took 15 years ago and TEAS and ACT. My CNA instructor has been a nurse for 40 years and she disagrees with the way a lot of schools select applicants. When she got her diploma, they had to go through interviews to really get to know their applicants. A nurse is more than whats just on paper. And i honestly believe I have a better shot of getting into UNC than some other places I am looking into. Best of luck to everyone.
  7. I'm applying for Fall 2011. current ba degree gpa 2.5-2.6 I took Psy and Sociology fall 2010, got 2 B's. Taking A& P I and Nutrition now. Taking A&P II and Development Psyc in Summer I already took my cna class, waiting to take the naces exam. I'm taking Kaplan Nursing entrance exam in a month. I was thinking since queens is so expensive, i may be able to get in. What do you think. HONESTLY Transcripts are expensive. I'm just ready to get into nursing school.
  8. amyleadon

    TEAS test question...

    For whatever program you are applying to, call the school or test administrator at the school and ask them. I am applying to several nursing programs this year. I have to take the teas v and the teas 3.0/4.0 versions. Good Luck to you. It depends on the school.
  9. Does Central Piedmont Community College offer BIO 169 during the summer? If so, how is it. What is the schedule like? I work full time days. If anyone has taken A&P II during the summer anywhere, can you give me some insight. I'm taking A&P I now 2 nights a week(just started last week) and there is A LOT to remember. Thanks.
  10. amyleadon

    wearing makeup to work?

    LOVE LOVE LOVE makeup. Always have and always will wear it. Of course, I don't plan on being dolled up like I am for a night out on the town, but the basics, absolutely. Tinted moisturizer/foundation, concealor, BLUSH, lipstick/gloss, etc. I don't have a problem with anyone who doesn't wear makeup and I relate to people who do. It makes me feel great. While I was in labor with my son, 5 months ago, after I got my epidural, I finished putting my makeup on. The sweet nurse told me I looked pretty and I told her the same. She wore makeup too and we both agreed how its not much but makes you feel so much better. Not to mention, the first thing people see is YOU. If you are blessed to have the baby smooth skin, get plenty of sleep and not have tired dark eyes, good for you. But I'm a girly girly girl til I die and I need makeup if nothing but to put people at ease when they see me and know I got plenty of rest and can take care of them. Even if I didn't get that much sleep..... I will miss perfume though. What are policies on perfume, lotions, etc.
  11. amyleadon

    Any ESFJ's out there...

    I'm ESFJ. Extravert, Sensor, Feeler, Judger. I am actually taking pre-req's to get into nursing school. So I've been taking these personality tests to see what careers would suit my personality type. I didn't take the tests before I started nursing. I just wanted to reinforce what I am striving to attain in life. This is 2nd career for me. 30 years old, married, 2 small children. I want what I do to benefit me as well as my family. This information makes me feel even better and motivates me to work even harder to get where I AM GOING.....
  12. amyleadon

    Anyone else for Spring 2011 at Mercy SoN?

    for you that got accepted to Mercy, can you tell me what your points profile was. GPA, TEAS score, ACT or SAT score, etc. I am applying to Mercy starting in Spring 2012.
  13. I know you don't get points for having a Masters.
  14. amyleadon

    Question for Nurses who are MOMS

    This is a great question. I am taking pre req's now to get into nursing. I have 2 small children and im wondering the same thing.
  15. I don't have my information in front of me but I will give it a shot: You get points for: GPA: for example, I have a 2.5 gpa so I get 1 point for that. having an A or B in A&P SAT/ACT score: for example if you score b/t 900-1000 you get a point. the higher your score, the more points. having a Bachelor Degree-I got a point for that. Essay-basically the essay should be complete sentences and grammatically correct-you get a point for that Then they deducted .5 points because I received a D in college.(risk factor) Then The TEAS test. They break out in in 3 sections. The take your overall percentile, then your science percentile, and your math percentile. For example if you make 80.1% in all areas you get 1-1.5 points for each section. So that would be between 3-4.5 points for that. But make sure you schedule a meeting with Pam Hatley, she will go over all your transcripts and calculate up for you where your points are. Thats why I know I only need to focus on taking the ACT and doing well as well as the TEAS and scoring well on that. I was so set on taking all these classes to bring my gpa up, but since I already have so many credit hours, it would take forever to bring my gpa up. While I will continue to take classes to bring my gpa up, I wont try to overdue myself because even if I took 10 classes and made all A's in them, it still wouldn't bring me up to a 3.0. I hope this helps. I am also trying to attend Mercy SON Spring 2012, Summer 2012, whenever I can get in. Good Luck to you.
  16. amyleadon

    Online NP programs.

    East Carolina State University has a program. WWW.ecu.edu