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  1. UNC-Chapel HIll School of Nursing

    Staffing ratios have been adjusted recently. I no longer feel that the environment is unsafe. I will always wish for more time to "nurse" my patients. (actually listen to them, spend quality time addressing their emotional needs). The last few ne...
  2. An RN who has a BS vs a BSN does it really matter?

    BSN now is needed for everyone. not just management focused nurses. Get the BSN. Its a shame that the awesome ADN programs will suffer from the decisions to now hire/interview/require BSN degrees.
  3. Can You get a ASN if you have a B.A. in another field

    I now change my original comment from 2010. Get the BSN. Very few ADNs (even with another BA/BS degree) even get interviews these days. Its a shame. ADNs are great nurses. I'm not sure why the change has happened. UNC requires new hires with AD...
  4. Your PROPOFOL stories wanted

    I am preparing a presentation on using propofol as a continuous infusion for sedation on vented patients. Although I have my own personal experience administering/maintaining this drug, I was hoping for some feedback and/or stories about YOUR experi...
  5. Maximum number of IV meds & lines

    What is the rationale for increased infection rates related to TPN infused with an additional compatible fluid? If the dextrose in TPN is to blame, then I would believe running a concurrent fluid through this line would only decrease the amount of de...
  6. UNC-Chapel HIll School of Nursing

    Word on the hill (chapel hill that is), is that if you are out of state, you are golden. they need your money. GPA needs to be almost perfect in your previous degree. Agree to do the accelerated program. Do not hesitate "if you can handle it". Tha...
  7. UNC-Chapel HIll School of Nursing

    UNC will come right out and say they do NOT hire their graduates exclusively. There is NOT a nursing shortage in NC. Most triangle hospitals have REMOVED any new grad info from their websites, as there are few jobs. It is all "who you know, how ha...
  8. salaries for duke and UNC hospitals

    Very difficult to be hired as a new grad at either of these hospitals. Start pay for new grad is right at 20/hour. Both hospitals get about 200 applicants in 48 hours for every new grad position they post. Set your expectations that this is a satu...
  9. Can You get a ASN if you have a B.A. in another field

    Yeah, get the ADN. Same pay. Get the BSN if you think you will go on to become a manager.....although you can always do a RN to MSN program....(those require a BS/BA in another field).
  10. An RN who has a BS vs a BSN does it really matter?

    Quick reply: Get the BSN. I was in your exact shoes, heard everyone say...oh, just get the ADN. It pays the same, etc. True, pay is the same until you get to management. Then you need a BSN. I'm going to do RN to MSN in a year or so, but wish I...