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Unable to find job/drop out nursing program?



I need help. I have been looking for job over a year.:crying2: (in healthcare and outside of healthcare) in St. Louis area and I have not been able to find anything despite the many hospitals and other employers we have in this area. I know the economy is bad but I thought I might have a chance of finding something since I am a nursing student about ready to finish clinicals.

People say network but I don't know or can't ask others about finding jobs, it sounds like I am begging.

I would appreciate any input.


First off go to the geographic area forums and grieve there, posting here is just another set up to fail. Get SPECIFIC!

Second be mobile, is there some reason you have to stay where you are?

Third STOP FILLING OUT ONLINE APPLICATIONS, go in, fill it out at the H/R, turn in the application there. Its easy to deny a computer, but not a face.

Fourth FIND ALTERNATIVES, go get your CNA, LPN lic! and start working in the hospital, SNF, or some where that YOU KNOW hires new graduates at some point.

I'm not going to write you a care plan, so get it done and use those critical thinking skills!


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I would say that in this economy you have to put your pride aside and go out of your comfort zone. Talking to others about job leads may feel like begging, but the truth is that most jobs are not advertised and employers rely on referrals. It will make your job search harder if you only look at job postings.

That being said, have you considered any positions at an assisted living facility? They are a step above skilled nursing facilities so they will usually take unlicensed people as caregivers or med techs. You will get great experience with direct patient care in ADL's like continence care, showering, etc. If you are a med tech you can do med passes, practice charting and you will know the seven rights like the back of your hand. I was a med tech this summer and felt it really prepared me for med pass during clinicals.

Good luck!!!

nurse2033, MSN, RN

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I agree, get mobile. Finish school, find out where there are nursing jobs, and pack your bags. There is a lot of job info on this site if you look around for it. Once you get any kind of professional experience, you can get to where you want to be. Good luck.

Are you a good nurse and hard working? Do you think you are a good person and a good employee? Then you are not begging, you are giving people the opportunity to work with a good nurse and a good person. Looks a lot better and easier to interview when you feel you are selling a good product (yourself).

I can't be mobile, i own a home, so i can't relocate. I am a nursing student not a nurse, i will be finishing my fundamentals this semester.

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Right now: At clinicals, work hard and present yourself as if it's a job interview. If your nursing instructors also work in hospitals, tell them when you have applied for a position in their hospital and ask for their references or any other help they can provide. Your school probably has an employment coordinator, so make a resume, have the EC look it over, and ask if there's anything the EC can do to make your resume float to the top of the pile.

Prep for after you graduate: Get involved in one or two organizations at school to show leadership ability. Work hard in clinicals, study hard and get good grades so that your instructors can look favorably on your abilities. Apply for every school-based scholarship you can...many students don't even bother applying for them, so your chances of getting one are pretty good and you can put the scholarship under "awards" on your resume.

I get the feeling you haven't done all you can to make yourself marketable. There is a lot you can do. Good luck.

Our school's career service was of no help at all, the only jobs they have that come in are non health related jobs and they are not encouraging. I have ran out of sources to go to for help. I don't feel comfortable in going to my instructors for help on this matter.

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If you don't feel comfortable talking to people, expressing what your needs are and asking for help, then don't be surprised when nothing happens my dear. You wil miss 100% of the shots you don't take.