UMSON Shady Grove Fall 2015 Hopeful


Just seeking any advice for the application process.. Looking to complete my application for the 2015 Fall semester for UMSON @ Shady Grove. I just took my TEAS and got an overall 90.7. My cumulative GPA is currently 3.4 without this current semester (this semester will bring it up b/c my current is a 3.9).

I have read that UMSON is more based on the overall package rather than just the good grades.. I would love any input on that, and maybe suggestions for when I do fill in my application and essay.

Thank you! -Emily


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emilykwas great job on the TEAS! :D I must admit, that score is much higher than my score so it looks like you're on the right track! Just make sure the rest of your application matches the impressiveness of that score as well, which I doubt would be a problem for you. :)

What you can do is read some previous prospectives' thread, which I've provided below. (You may also find yourself forming an emotional attachment to some previous applicants. I found myself cheering for certain allnurses users who are probably already done with the program now!)

Anyway, here are some of the threads:

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Look out for posts by Grey Lady. She is part of admissions and the Universities, and her posts are very informative. She's also very friendly, and loves interacting with students! Along with this, afowler77 and queserasera's posts are also informative, with an applicant's point of view. They are very smart ladies and I've come to respect them greatly over the course of my admission process.

Here is a post I made for the UMSON Spring 2015 thread (just scroll down) where I decided to list some of the things I've observed from the previous threads, which are listed above. Some of the information was corrected by my now fellow classmates(!!!), so I would advise you to look at the posts following (or just the whole thread if you have the time).

Anyway, let me give some advice off the top of my head here... So, there's no one way for admissions to decide if you're in or not. It is different for every applicant, as they do look at the whole picture. Just make sure you add some pizzazz to your essays, letting them know that you are truly passionate about becoming a nurse. That's very important. Show them you have the drive and the willingness to truly serve and care for people. Having medical experience is also a plus, but I know of many applicants who got into the program without any medical experience. However, it does indeed look good!

The online application is alot simpler than you think. The first part is just your basic information. When you get to the essay portion toward the end, you can just save the entire application as a draft, type up your essays on a Word document later, and then open your application and copy and paste the essay onto the word box they provide you. (And again... Pizzazz! Passion! :laugh:) Oh, and have your $75 non-refundable deposit ready! They allow you to pay online. Nice, quick, and simple! Also, by this point make sure you have all of the physical documents ready, as in your letters of recommendations, transcript(s), resume, and essays if you decide to send them in a physical copy. In that way, when you submit your online application, you can go to the post office (that day or the next) and send all of the documents to admissions. It is good to do it in this order (online then physical docs) because it helps admissions file your documents.

Anyway, I'm sure if I remember anything else, I'll post it here. Hope this helped! :)


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Thank you so much for all the information! I really appreciate it! & I will be sure to look into those other threads and at your other post. Again, thank you!


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littlemango has some good advice. Honestly, I thought a good TEAS score and a good science GPA, along with my job in healthcare probably got me into the program. However, hearing from some of those that were waitlisted who had similar scores... I'm not so sure that was the magic formula. Reading over my essays, they don't have a whole lot of pizazz--they are short and sweet and to the point. But they do stress that I am a highly dedicated and motivated individual with a passion for nursing. So I do think they take a look at the whole picture and not any one thing. Work on making yourself an all-around good candidate and I think you'll have a good shot.

Good luck!


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OMG thank you littlemango! I just asked a question on your Spring 2015 post and you really helped answer alot of my questions. One thing though. I pulled up the prerequisite course list online and I was wondering if there was any leniency on that or is everything set in stone? I will definitely be taking Chemistry in the Spring(didn't need it where I am now since I took it in HS YEARS ago but now we might be stationed at Ft Meade) and I'll also be taking Sociology. So that leaves me with a couple courses I may have to take depending on what they accept with my transfers.


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littlemango, thank you for the informative post!!

I'm registered to take the TEAS on the 23 of this month- I have been studying but anxiety is getting the best of me. Hopefully all goes well!

Good luck to everyone applying to fall program!


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Hey everyone, I'm new, and have seen some great information from people on here so far. I have completed my application for the Fall 2015 start. However, I'm really concerned about my TEAS score. I keep seeing other people get in the high 80's or even 90's. I got an 80.7, is that competitive? I REALLY want to go to UMSON, but really afraid for whatever reason I won't get in. Haha I share everyones stress.


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Hi ATPtheWaytoBe!

I'm on the same boat with you when it comes to my TEAS score. It makes me a bit unnerving that my score isn't as competitive as many other scores however, Gray Lady and many others have pointed out that the selection process is very holistic. So there is still hope for us =)

Where did you apply? I applied to the Shady grove campus.


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Yea hopefully we can make it in! I applied to the shady grove campus. I've done everything in my power to make it most probable to get accepted to UMSON, but you just never know. I'm debating whether I should take the TEAS again, but I already turned everything in. Do you know if I can give them the new TEAS score later even though my application is complete?


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I think that it shouldn't be an issue to send new scores as long as you waited the 60 days they require. If anything i think it would be good to send an improved score. I would call the admissions office to confirm.

Good Luck!!!


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I thought we had to wait 30 days before taking it again, not 60 days.


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ATI allows you retake the TEAS after 30 days but on the UMSON website it says you have to wait 60 days. This is the link to the FAQs on their website: FAQs | University of Maryland School of Nursing look under the TEAS tab.

I don't know how hard they enforce it, it might be good to talk to admissions.