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Did your status just change today?


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Yes at 2 pm


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Hi everyone! I had my interview on Monday Feb 17th and I think it went really well. The faculty member that interviewed was so enthusiastic and made me even more excited about the Duke experience! She also informed me that we should be hearing back mid-March to early April. Good luck to everyone!


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Just last week , I called the office and someone told me that we will hear back from them mid-feb till early March, so now am confused


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I’m not sure you’ve posted to the right page.. this is UMSON, not Duke??


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I got wait-listed...

Me too


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I received a letter of acceptance today! Weird thing is, my status never changed.


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For those of u who accepted the offer of admission,

Did you guys get an email with UMID to set up? I accepted the offer and completed the confirmation form last month (2/8 to be exact), but have not gotten the email. I want to be able to check my financial aid, but I do not think I can do it without my email set up?!



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I accepted my offer last month as well and haven’t gotten an email to set up the UMBID yet either


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I accepted my offer and have not received an email either. I did however email the help desk and they said because I am a previous student (BSN) my UMID and email would stay the same. I also email admissions to confirm they received my confirmation of acceptance because I got worried when I didn’t get any email.


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Hey everyone !

The day after I accepted my admission and payed the deposit I received an email to set up my UMID. About 5 day’s later the account was cleared and ready for use.

I was also told around beginning of March that term bills and financial aid haven’t been posted yet but wasn’t given a date.

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