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UMSON BSN Spring 2016

JStClair JStClair (New) New

I didn't think that I would be able to apply to nursing school so soon but somehow the Prerequisite Gods helped me register for every single course that I need this semester in order to apply!! I already took the TEAS. So now it's time to get ready!! I have just enough time to get all of my application materials put together and I am SO EXCITED. Whatever happens when I open that envelope, there will be tears. Good luck to any other UMSON applicants out there!!


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Glad to see an excited future nursing student. Best wishes in your journey.

I'm also applying! Glad to hear that you got into all the prereq classes; remember, everything happens for a reason :) Good luck!!

Thank you NRSKarenRN!!

Good luck kayrock!! I believe in that as well.

I've applied as well! Right now I'm just waiting on my letters of recommendation to be sent in and I'm retaking the TEAS to try and raise my score a little. I'm starting to loose my mind now that there's less than a month left. Good luck everyone!

Also, applied for Spring 2016. Got a 83% on my TEAS and have a 3.8 GPA. I'm taking College Algebra at AACC this Fall. Anybody attend today's information session?

G>robin, I attended an info session last year at the Shady Grove campus because that's the one I am applying for. The one on August 25th was at Baltimore right?

By the way, rock on with that 3.8!! I struggled for my 3.5 but pulled it together on the TEAS and scored similarly to you (I can't remember the exact score). Best of luck to you!

I am also applying for the spring too!

Thank you Jstclair!:) Best wishes to you all!! Im so excited!

Now we just have to play the waiting. Anybody know how long it takes to get the acceptance letter?

I also applied for Spring 2016! I've been looking at past threads, and it seems like admission may be down this semester? There are hardly any applicants on here!

Anybody get a status change, yet? Mine changed to committee ready...eeek! I'm wondering if everyone's application status also says "requirements outstanding"?

Mine is still complete and ready for review. Waaaaahh!!! Such a long wait!

Anybody get a status change' date=' yet? Mine changed to committee ready...eeek! I'm wondering if everyone's application status also says "requirements outstanding"?[/quote']

Yeah! My status changed to committee ready sometime before the deadline. Although one of the admissions staff did email me asking me to send a transcript from college courses I took in high school. And the lady who emailed me said it was okay if they received it after the deadline. I must say, the admissions office is pretty good with getting back to applicants especially via email.

Also applied for the Spring as well! Scored an 86 on the TEAS and currently have a 3.9 GPA. I'm trying to keep it that way with my last 2 prerequisites that I'm finishing this fall. I'm pretty nervous since my skills on writing essays are not that high but I revised so many times so I'm hoping I get in since this is my number 1 school to attend. I also applied to Towson if UMSON does not work out. I hope you all get accepted! :)

good luck to everyone! I'm a first semester bs N so I was definitely in your shoes a couple months ago lol. make sure you keep on top of all of your materials because I had a little issue with my rec letter. If something is missing online call them or email them to double check.

Hey guys! I made the other blog "umson spring 2016" and I just wanted to let yall know some of us have heard back! I am in at Shady Grove :) hope to meet some of you!


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