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ugh! bone overload!!!

I know this is just the beginning, but sheesh! I simply can't keep these straight! I've got power points (where our computer test images are coming from), ap revealed, textbook, 2 lab manuals to look at. I've (tried) drawing and labeling my own, made multiple copies of lab figures to label over and over and over again, done many online activities....anything else I could try???:eek:

Does your school offer any open lab time? And does your lab have skeletal models or any real disarticulated skeletons? What helped me the most was to handle the bones individually while going over the names. The skull gave me the most grief, so I systematically learned every bone. I'd learn the name of one, then another. Then I'd review all the bones I'd learned, then add a new one, etc. As I did it I said the name aloud and pointed to each bone. Just like this:

1. Frontal bone

2. Frontal bone, parietal bone

3. Frontal bone, parietal bone, occipital bone

4. Frontal bone, parietal bone, occipital bone, sphenoid bone

5. Frontal bone, parietal bone, occipital bone, sphenoid bone, ethmoid bone

By the end, you'll be reciting quite a long list. The repetition helps you to learn the information. Remember, the more senses you use when learning, the easier it is to remember. Just my :twocents:.

I have no idea if that makes any sense. Good luck with your memorization. The musculoskeletal system can be so difficult to learn, but hang in there!

Go in with a friend and video tape it and then watch it over and over and over again! I did that and got a 97 on my test. Did it again with the muscles and funny thing got a 97 again. The DVD is a life saver! Our school makes them for us.

Good luck! Tell us if you make a DVD and if you are successful with it!


And what makes this either easier or more challenging is that its all online! I've never handled a bone (though I could go into the lab) and the practical is images on a computer test! I have the websites for the sources of the images, but how do I go about using ALL those images to remember?? (its images from ap revealed for skull and all the rest are off 3 professors' power points to teach the lab, so LOTS of images!):uhoh3:

If you can go into the lab, do it! It'll help immensely!

At my school the library has a bone box that you can check out in school. My advice would be to meet with some friends and just quiz each other. I promise you doing it alone is very hard. Having a group to study with can help out tremendously.


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I was always a fan of The Anatomy Coloring Book, though ours wasn't systemic anatomy but regional, which I think made a lot of sense and helped out a lot in terms of making some of the memorization easier.

I visited various online websites for cells and bone review (extremely helpful). If you must, purchase a model skeleton, separate skull model, Kaplan flashcards, and large human body poster at the teachers store. Also, I downloaded the A&P coloring book for free although I haven't utilized it yet.

I believe, as the above posters suggested, go to the lab and form a study group. We all learn differently and it is always helpful to have a great instructor who can facilitate the lesson (via power point, outlines, diagrams, etc) to accommodate all learners. Ask others what helped them and attempt to incorporate it with your learning style if feasible.

By the way, I love the cells, bones, and muscle chapters in A&P (no, I'm not an A student: I prayed for a C for midterm..I have a fantastic / excellent instructor). Found the chemistry portion to be a little more difficult....hated it because it was overwheming the first two weeks of school. I'm more visual and audio. Show me a picture a couple of times and I got it. Conduct a study group, I can remember the conversations.

Best wishes. You'll do well!

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Even if the test is on images, handling the bones would be tremendously helpful.

I did Coffeemate's method also, and found it worked well.

mnemonics got me thro a&p;)

Mnemonics!!! VERY helpful with the bones! Look some mnemonics up on the internet. ("She's too pretty, try to catch her." And the x-rated ones my classmates found were easier to remember, too! ;-)

Also, on-line self-tests were helpful. Check out your textbook publisher's website, Youtube and also www.getbodysmart.com. (Loved that site!)

pure memorization helped me get the appendicular skeleton parts

i got a 81 i wish i did better but im going to study harder for the axial skeleton

simple repetition truly helped me out and also i would wake up early in the morning and just go over the parts of the bones in my head and do self tests, . my school lets us touch the bones and go over them during school hours so that has helped as well.

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just focus and try to love the material. If you have a passion for something you will learn it no matter what. going to the lab and playing with the bones is a must as well. When i learned the bones i thought of my chiropractor and how he knows all this stuff, somehow this helped me get through, i got a 96 on both the lecture and lab exams on this stuff

I am sure you have had your bone exam by now. However, I found the best way to get it down is going over it many times. The next thing I do is try and teach it to my wife or discuss it with my mother inlaw. Anything that you are trying to learn you need to try and make connections in your mind with something else that you already understand(know). By making connections you will retain more after you are done too.

I started with the skull and worked down. Muscles should come easier once you get the bones down, I thought so anyway. I got a 114.5% (extra credit) on the bone practical and a 110% (extra credit) on the muscle practical.

All of the ways mentioned are good. Someone said this and it is Sooooooo true, if you have a passion for something you will do better. Try to not think about how difficult it is to get everything down, but how awesome it is that you are learning so much about the body. It will help! : ) Good luck!!! :):):)


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