Hey, I am currently getting ready to apply to the UCLA MECN program. I went to UCLA yesterday to meet with the nursing advisor and since I have 2 C's, one in psych and one in Stats, she advised me to repeat one of them because I can't have more than one C on my transcripts. I plan on taking Micro this fall. In terms of work experience, I work with an agency facilitating care for end of life patients. I really want to get into the UCLA program but I will also be applying to CSULA, CSUN, CSUCI, CSUSM and USF, Western and

Anyway, I just wanted to create a thread for those applying same time as I so we can discuss. Fyi I will be attending the info session on July 26!

I really want to specialize though so I'm kind of bummed that the MECN doesn't offer a specialty, I would have to do a post-masters program.

How many classes can you have in progress when applying?

If a class is repeated, do they average the two or disregard the lower grade totally?

How much is the program in total?

Do MECN graduates make more in terms of salary than BSNs?


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Hello and thank you for starting this thread! I am also applying to this year's cycle as well. :) It's an exciting time. Best of luck to you and hope we all end up in our program of choice!

Unfortunately I can't make the July info session, but am hopeful to catch the one in September!


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Hello !

I am attending the July 26th info session as well ! I will be applying this fall :D


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Could you please shearing the information from info session?


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Yea sure. It was a lot of info but I'll summarize.

Grades: they encouraged B or better in all prerequisites, C are also accepted but make sure it's not more than 1.

Application: insisted on statement of purpose, talk about why you want to be a nurse etc

Cost: about 50k but they're are scholarships

Application opens sometime in September, due Nov 1st. Everything meaning transcripts should be in their possession by Jan 15 (applies to people like me talking fall classes)

Any other questions just ask and I'll answer. I'll also try post pics of the paperwork we got.


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Thank you wanjira13 for summarizing the info session. Did they mention how many will be accepted into this cohort? Also, did they touch upon who to specifically choose for your LOR?


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For LOR it's actually a form that will be attached to the application online, not an actual letter. You give 3 professional references, work or professors. It can be all work or all professors but they prefer a variety, just can't be friends or family. They are accepting 70 students even though the website says 50. Any more questions.. Ask away


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Hi wanjira13, thanks for your previous response. I also wanted to attend one of the info sessions to get a good look at the campus and where the nursing classes will be held. Did you have the opportunity to do that at the info session or do you think we'd have to schedule a tour or something?