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  1. APU ELM Fall 2017

    I don't remember who called me. Which campus did you apply to
  2. APU ELM Fall 2017

    Exactly, I saw it the same way. More time to save $$
  3. APU ELM Fall 2017

    Lol me too, same scenario. I was bummed but I'm ok now
  4. UCLA MECN 2017

    I also applied to APU and Western , I got into APU and have an interview for Western on Monday. APU and Western are about 3 to 4 yr programs but they lead u to Nurse Practitioner. UCLA is just R.N
  5. APU ELM Fall 2017

    Hey so do you guys know what you'll specialize in for the NP portion of the program?
  6. APU ELM Fall 2017

    I'll be going to San Bernardino in Spring not fall @alexis
  7. APU ELM Fall 2017

  8. Western University MSN-E Fall 2017

    Hey, how's the program so far, and are u in the NP track? Any pointers for the interview?
  9. Western University MSN-E Fall 2017

    I just got an email inviting me for an interview. Good luck to us all.
  10. APU ELM Fall 2017

    I applied to main campus but i was open to go to IE or SD in fall 17. I got acceptance to the IE campus.
  11. Western University MSN-E Fall 2017

    Congrats and good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Western University MSN-E Fall 2017

    i have not heard anything yet from western, i just got acceptance to APU ELMSN-NP program. Still waiting on UCLA and WESTERN U. Good luck to us all
  13. APU ELM Fall 2017

    I just got a call for acceptance. I'm excited , however I was accepted for spring '18 even though I applied for fall '17. Good luck to everyone.
  14. UCLA MECN 2017

    Hey relax, i called admissions. If you typed up your work experience in the section of the application, you did not have to attach a resume. Hope you feel better. Its not a big deal :)
  15. Western University MSN-E Fall 2017


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