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what did u do?


Hello everyone. Just wondering did anyone do bad one semester. what did you do about it. did u just give up.

Are you talking about prereqs or actual nursing classes. If its the latter I cant help since I have not started that yet (Fall 2005 start hopeful) If you mean prereqs than yes I had bad semesters back when I started college and was young and not very serious. I have my share of D's and W's. What I did was appky for academic renewal. That bad grade stayed on my transcript but was not counted in my GPA. Now I am 30 and my grades are sooooo different, I have a heart sttack with a B! Yes I am one of those people but not back then. See what you can do to correct the situation and dont give up your dreams.

I wasnt a serious student AT ALL when I was a freshman...when I decided that I really wanted to go to nursing school I retook a few classes and said goodbye to my social life for a while so I could study and bring up my GPA. Its hard to change your ways so suddenly, but if you want something badly enough, you can.

Good luck

Are you talking about prereqs or actual nursing classes.

I was referring to pre reqs but, referrring to actual nursing classes or both would be great too.

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Well, yes.. but it was along time ago. I failed/dropped out of college not just once, but four times. Yep, you heard me right. I ended up pregnant, married, and working... then was able to go back and have my academic records cleared via a "fresh start" by having been out of school for a length of time.

Good luck! :)

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I am retaking classes, so my motto is: Don't give up!!!

Also, read my signature quotes. :rolleyes:

Good luck! :)

My first semester just past totally sucked but I vowed to step it up a few notches this semester. Definately don't quit. That's just a waste of a perfectly good dream! :)

Hello everyone. Just wondering did anyone do bad one semester. what did you do about it. did u just give up.

I have a few bad grades. I plan on retaking the classes if I don't get into nursing school right away. I hate the thought of having to do that but I'm the one that chose to not study as hard as I should have.

When I was first out of high school I started at a CC (not for nursing, just general) and dropped those classes. I started back a few years later after I had my first son and I was much more dedicated.

This past fall semester was really hard on me. I have two little boys (4 and 1) and was taking an accelerated bio and lab, chem and lab, and psych 101. The psych and accelerated bio and lab were online. I felt like I had 7 classes instead of 5. I was studying all the time and my house was a mess and used so much help from my husband and mom. I couldn't have done it w/o them. To make a long story short, that week of finals I was a mess. I was crying, freaking out, snapping at everyone around me...my husband gave me the best advice. He said to not worry if I didn't pass any of the classes. He didn't care if I flunked, I would just have to try again, but if I quit, then yes he would be disapointed. Never quit, try your best and if you don't do well, evaluate how you can do better next time. Even if you have to take a class over again just think how much easier it will be the second time around when things are more familiar?

In the end I ended up getting all A's and one B! It really made me realize that nothing worthwile comes easy. It felt so good to get through all that struggling, I even was going to drop that accelerated bio towards the end there but my hubby talked me out of it thank gawd. I would say it made those grades feel even better! If you don't do well one semester, you still have the chance to do great the next semester, and it will feel really great!