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typically how many hours per day do you find you need to study?


I've just enrolled as a full time LPN student (Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-2:30 PM) at Eastern Suffolk BOCES, expected starting day is September 5th 2014. Just curious to know from some of you that are current LPN students or LPN graduates, typically how many hours a day do you find yourself studying and doing homework after class? I need to change my availability at work to accommodate my schooling, and school is a number 1 priority so being super part-time is fine with me. should I avoid working on school days and just work weekends?

I'm starting lpn this semester as well. But I have already changed my work schedule (I'm a pct). I will work 7p-11p on Thursday and 3-11 Friday and Saturday. I made sure I left my Sundays open so I can go to church and have all day to study and prepare for the following week. So I'm going from 32 hours to 20. I hope this works out fine for me. I plan to make Friday my sleep in and chill day and get up early Saturday morning to study before work. I have planned it out so that I get 3-5 hours if study time in each day. I don't want to burn out but I want to have a good grip on the material so hopefully this is a great plan. I'm not an lpn student yet so hopefully I still was able to help a little.

I'm started Sept. 2nd at SW BOCES in Harrison. I haven't figured out how im going to study yet.


Just started lvn program and I'm finding that about 3-4 hrs is needed. Especially if it's excellerated

I don't start until September and it's a Mon-Fri 0800-1700 12 month program so it will be VERY fast paced but I only plan to study about an hour a night. I think it's important to still make time for your family and life or you will get overwhelmed!

Very true kristina. I was little sad when I went to bed the other night because I barely saw my husband and my kids. But there was a test the second day of class. An A&P test and.chem so if I had done less than 3hrs, I would have failed because It was sooo much to remember. But on critical thinkin I only spent an hr studying. That course is easy for me. So on easy to understand courses, I see myself only spending an hr to study too. I agree, you definitely need time for other things

So just an update, I have finally decided on a work schedule that's hopefully going to work for me, I'm not going to work Monday-Thursday so that way I have plenty of time to study. I am going to work a 4 hour shift on Fridays after class, an 8 hour shift Saturday and an 8 hour shift Sunday. Hope I made the right decision! Good luck to you all!

I'm in the exact same program!:)

I think you made the right decision, thinking of doing the same thing. I work retail (which is pretty flexible) but I always tell them school is my priority.

The rule of thumb is for every class hour you take, you study 2 hours. And for me it pretty much equals out to that. I work 1 day a week, and go to school m-th 630-1230 clinical days and 8-12 theory days. My house is a wreck my laundry is piled but I still get to spend time with my kids and make dinner for them and my husband with studying this way. Now not every chapter requires as much time for me this term with my CNA experience I can relate and know some of what's being taught in FON.

Honestly, if you study the right things, you do not need to study for that long. I study for about an hour in the mornings before school so I can spend my time after school with my family. If I have something important coming up, like a test or exam, I might study for an hour or two the night before as well.

How's your LPN program going?? any tips for beginners? Mine start Dec1

Just finished my first lpn class! Earned a B in fundamentals and let me just say that wasn't an easy grade to learn. I had 3 exams and a final. My grades were 85,82,79 and 85 on the final. I was praying for a B on the final to get a B in the class. Nursing questions really trip you completely up!! Especially select all that apply. Well I'm thankful that I got a B. I have a week off then I start med/surg and clinicals. Hope everyone's semester started off great!

Its been going great so far, I've just finished Vocational Adjustment with an 87% as my overall average and now were moving on to Nutrition. I have had A LOT of big exams and its been a bit stressful but I'm just taking it day by day. As far as tips go, don't be absent like EVER! You don't realize how much material your missing out on by missing one day of class. I recommend cutting down on hours at work if possible, your going to need a lot of time to study. Make sure you never ever fall behind on your assignments and reading your chapters (that's a big one)in class we cover a lot of material and we do it fast so make sure your keeping up. I find that making flash cards of important terminology the night before an exam is incredibly helpful. Hope this helps and good luck to you!