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  1. JennyMacKenzieKyle

    typically how many hours per day do you find you need to study?

    The rule of thumb is for every class hour you take, you study 2 hours. And for me it pretty much equals out to that. I work 1 day a week, and go to school m-th 630-1230 clinical days and 8-12 theory days. My house is a wreck my laundry is piled but I still get to spend time with my kids and make dinner for them and my husband with studying this way. Now not every chapter requires as much time for me this term with my CNA experience I can relate and know some of what's being taught in FON.
  2. JennyMacKenzieKyle

    Career Point- Worth it?

    I am actually in their very first class that started march 17th. Believe me, it has been crazy. Disorganized. I've questioned my decision a few times. But I don't know any new business that opens it's doors and is perfect right off the bat. While yes their SA campus has been around for 30+ years, Austin's campus started from scratch. They had only 4 instructors when I started. We've seen changes and seen the kinks worked out. I'm believe I am getting a great education, and experience from (most, you can't like everyone way of thinking) my instructors. The dean and program director are always on top of student concerns and follow up on them. I've seen with the following classes things have been running more smoothly. But I like it. I'm also not one of these people who expect to have my hand held in nursing school like some people do, and I've found it's those people who talk to worst about the school when they think the instructor should just hand them all the answers for the test.. But yea long story short, I enjoy my program and see every week that things start running more and more smoothly.
  3. JennyMacKenzieKyle

    Feeling Defeated

    I had a friend of mine who is a EMT and currently in paramedic school tutor me. They are great resources for drug calculations as they generally don't have time to sit down and figure it out with a calculator or on google or have pumps that figure out gtt/min. They do it in their heads, it was very helpful getting his perspective on the ways to solve the equations.
  4. JennyMacKenzieKyle

    Some advice, I hope it helps.

    Very well spoken. I myself am 7 months into my LVN program. And it grinds my gears hearing people complain about the things patients ask of them at clinical. I work as a CNA and it's what made me want to further my career, I have no doubt had my days where it seems every PT was out to get me or rub me the wrong way. But I still give them my best.