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  1. Rena85

    new grad salary + productivity pay

    Also, what state are you in? If you don't mind me asking?
  2. Rena85

    LVN to RN Bridge Program

    I was thinking about challenging the A&P courses at a community college(in my case, san bernardino valley college) so that I can just go into Microbiology since we took A&P already. At concorde career college, they told us that their classes are transferable but only if the school accepts them, which I've had no luck finding one to accept class credits from a trade school, so I'm just going to do challenge exams so I can bypass those classes.
  3. Rena85

    50 yr old LPN wants to be RN fast!

    Don't know anything about that program but with LVN to RN bridge, it's usually about a year of the program. You go in as a 2nd year RN student and only have to do one year of the RN program. However, pre req's still have to be completed. Check around at your local community colleges. A lot of them also offer information sessions for potential nursing students. Hope this helps.
  4. Rena85

    Six months in - LPN @ 90-bed LTC. Is it me?

    Man I'm so sorry to hear about that. I can only imagine what it must be like since I currently do clinicals at a lot of LTC's and sometimes just trying to do treatments on half the patients in the building can be stressful and time consuming. I wish you the best and hope things turn around for you.
  5. Rena85

    LVN school starts 8/19

    Congrats. Find a good study technique ASAP. I'm a month into lvn school and boy oh boy...the amount of knowledge they throw on you! I also suggest getting help as soon as there's a topic you don't understand. Dont wait because a lot topics come back throughout the program. You never escape a subject in nursing school :-)
  6. Very true kristina. I was little sad when I went to bed the other night because I barely saw my husband and my kids. But there was a test the second day of class. An A&P test and.chem so if I had done less than 3hrs, I would have failed because It was sooo much to remember. But on critical thinkin I only spent an hr studying. That course is easy for me. So on easy to understand courses, I see myself only spending an hr to study too. I agree, you definitely need time for other things
  7. Just started lvn program and I'm finding that about 3-4 hrs is needed. Especially if it's excellerated
  8. I just started with the basics. Paper, pens, pencils, binder, dividers. I'm attending a trade school so they provide all the books and uniforms. That nclex prep book the OP mentioned sounds like a good idea. I may look into that.
  9. Rena85

    2014 LPN students

    Really happy for everyone. I wish us all the best. I start the lvn program tomorrow and I'm oh so excited. I'm already thinking about clinicals! Can't wait to get to that point. Clinical days are going to be my favorite days. I'm a hands on learner so I hope to excel in clinicals.
  10. Rena85

    New LVN program - Concorde

    Hello I am starting concorde monday july 7th lvn program. I went to concorde for MA back in 2005. The fact that I returned says a lot. Staff and instructors are great. They have a really good tutor program called lamp lighters. When I graduated from there in 2005, I didn't have a hard time at all finding work. In fact once I gained experience at a radiology clinic, I was able to land a job at the county hospital. When I asked the admissions rep about my lvn credits transferring, she said yes concordes credits are transferrible as long as the school will take them. So its dependant on the school u go to for your RN. Concorde has the highest nclex pass rates of all the trade schools in southern ca so that also made me go back to them. Best of luck to you! Which campus are u going to? I'm going to the san bernardino campus.
  11. Rena85


    Yeah unfortunately zero. But hey...BEST OF LUCK to ya. Cant wait to get to that point!
  12. Rena85

    Roll Call 2014

    July 7th LPN program start at Concorde Career College. Extremely excited! !
  13. Rena85

    How important is your 'look' as a nurse

    I liked that @cuddleswithpuddles
  14. Rena85

    How important is your 'look' as a nurse

  15. Rena85

    Just a Little Advice After a Year in the ICU

    Well said : ) Thank you for the post