Types of Nursing Career Specialties

I currently am on the waiting list for my local community college's ADN program. I am taking my pre-required classes in the meantime. Nursing is a second career for me, and I still don't know "exactly" what kind of nursing I want to do. I have been looking for a list like this for a long time. I hope it will help others out also. Nurses Career Support Article Video


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Anyone here that can tell me about working at the HOspital for Special Surgery? in nyc. I need advice I just got a job offer and I dont know whether or not to accept and leave my current job. Help!!!!!!!!


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One more that I didn't see mentioned in this fairly long thread is the US Dept of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics website. In addition to a lot of information regarding job requirements for a variety of nursing specialties you can also find salary information, job outlook data... well, from the website, here's a list of subheadings under which you can find all kinds of information:

# Nature of the Work

# Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement

# Employment

# Job Outlook

# Projections Data

# Earnings

# OES Data

# Related Occupations

# Sources of Additional Information

I found it very useful!

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Excellent info!!!!! Thanks for the update.


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What can one do with an NP in womens health?

I was recently accepted into an FNP program - I choose it because I felt that it would offer me the ability to practice anywhere. However, the school is very expensive and 40K a year. I am in my 30's and do not want to be in dept so I am considering going to a state school - unfortunately they don't offer an FNP program and my alternatives are to continue where I am, drive 2 hours away for school or change my NP program. The state college I can apply to has ANP and a Womens health NP. I love preventative care but I don't want to be stuck doing pap smears in an office. I love teaching people about good health, nutrition and exercise. Would I be able to merge what I want in a career with an NP in womens health????



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Thanks alot Mona for the info, very helpful.


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this message was sooooooo helpful just wanted to say thanks i'm just starting out in the medical field know i wanna be a nurse but like you didnt know which kind so this is exactly what ive been looking for for a while now. Again thanks a bunch. good luck and much success to you in you field whichever you choose. Buffy


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I've always wondered what I could be later part of my nursing career.

One of the most helpful information I've ever encountered!

Thanks so much for it!


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Hey JJK, I saw that you work in the surgical unit. I am a semester away from starting the nursing program at my college, it is an Associates of Applied Science in Nursing degree, and that is the field I want to enter once I get my RN license. I was wondering if you could give me some information on joining the surgical team. Do I need a BSN, or ER/ICU experience? Or do fresh RNs get hired?Do you have Your CNOR? I would like to get certified eventually, but experience is required, which goes back to my question above.Any other advise would greatly appreciated! I am very excited about my carrier choice. :)


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Thanx Mona! Because of your list I now know that I want to go into critical, emergency and cardiac care!


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Thanks Mona. I'm glad I found this link. :) I was doing research as well. I was just accepted into an ADN program. Nursing is a second career for me also.


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Thanks everyone for adding other areas of nursing as well! This has been so useful.


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Specializes in ICU.

I like the info. Thank you

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