Type 1 Diabetics and Parents


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I just had to send home one of my diabetics because his blood sugar was 500 and he had moderate ketones. This is his 2nd attempt this year at coming back to high school, today was barely his 1st day back.

He said he hadn't eaten anything and that he had taken insulin this morning. Well guess what I figured out after playing detective? He only took his scheduled lantus, but did not give himself correction with Novolog before coming to school. So that meant he was in the 500s by the time lunch came.

I'm just a little frustrated at the parents to be honest, I understand they are elderly, but you have to be able to guide these kids. When i was talking to mom she said "oh, do you know how much he took this morning?" I replied, "will all do respect ma'am, I wasn't there". And then they go and and on about how they know better, and I explained to her that he still needed strict supervision with insulin administration since he hasn't proven himself responsible enough to do it alone.

and that is just one of my cases, I have one diabetic whose mom only talks about herself when I call, and obviously does not monitor daughter at home. And another diabetic I have, his parents work a lot so they aren't there.

It's like, I can only do so much from school you know? IDK I just needed to vent. Sorry for the long post.

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You can only do what you can do. Send the kids home when you have to. Call CPS if you think they are being neglected; for the kid's benefit. Hang in there!

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you're doing what you can... i had a high kiddo today who realized that she couldn't check for ketones because she doesn't have any dipsticks. Wonderful. I called the parent and am hoping that i get a care package in tomorrow.

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I had a kiddo with a pump a couple of weeks ago, appear to check her blood sugar very quickly. Then give me what supposedly was her reading. Uhhhh. nope. don't think so. I made her check it for real. Then talked to mom about how dangerous and problematic this is. Mom indicated that the number that was supposedly the students blood sugar that day, was the exact same number that the student has reported on several different occasions at home.

Then, mom started connecting the dots. She had an "AHHAAA" moment. She said the students most recent A1C wasn't nearly as good as she thought it should have been, based on what the student had been reporting to her.

This student is plenty old enough and quite capable of taking care of this will minimal supervision. Boy, oh, boy. Did we have a talk about honesty and how incredibly dangerous this is!!


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I got a new student today, came in before lunch and was 436 and had no ketone strips. I said wow that's high, I got a blank stare. I said are you that high at home, replied sometimes. I said you need to check for ketones, she said, I haven't done that in long while. Oh really. Well, in here, the clinic, you will need to bring those. I asked how long have you been a diabetic, she replied, about 4 or 5 years. Wow, can I bend this young tree? I will have to --during my time with this 10th grader. Bad habits already.