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TWU Dallas Spring 2011


Hey guys! I recently got my acceptance letter for TWU Nursing school in Dallas! :) I decided to make an account to see if who else has been admitted to the Dallas campus. im soooo nervous!

I will be going to the Dallas campus too. I'm so excited to have gotten in...I had started to fret over a backup plan. :D

This is a great thread, but we should move it under the Texas section. BTW i'm going to Dallas too & congrats to both of you!

Congrats to the both of you also! How do i move this over to the Texas section? I'm still trying to figure my way around the site.

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Congratulations to you all! I will be right there with you in the upcoming semester. :) Is anybody else as nervous as I am? :eek:

Hope you all have received the emails with the forms that have to be filled out (confirmation/drug-criminal check/clinical preference/immunization...etc). Getting ready to find somewhere to get a TB and Varicella titer done (new to the area and unfortnunately Denton County Health Department does not do titers. :crying2:

Can't wait to meet you all in December and make sure to have a great end of the year (next year will be CRAZY)!!!!

I'm nervous too! But I'm excited at the same time :) For some reason I thought the orientation was going to be in Jan. But I'm glad it will be in Dec bc I can't wait!

I'm going to be enrolled in Dallas next semester. Definitely excited about it. FantasyDragon, I got my TB skin test at the minute clinic inside the CVS off of Teasley for $27 today. Also the nurse practitioner working there today went to TWU for both undergrad and graduate nursing school so that was pretty neat.

Anyone CPR certified yet?

Thanks sysjl! I found that Denton County Health Dept is able to do my TB and DTP booster (I think both for $30 but not a definitive price -- will post when I get them done on Monday). Unfortunately they do not do a Varicella titer but may be able to get it done either at TWU SHS or my sister's doctor.

In addition, going to get CPR certified (next week?) from this place I found via AHA CPR website. The place is located in Plano which is not too far for me. They offer classes every day of the week and costs $40...


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Hello everyone,

I'm a TWU Denton student, but I'm in the FNP Master's program.

I just wanted to stop by and say congratulations and wish you well next Spring! Just stay focused and you can do you anything you set your mind to.


Just another bit of info. I do my CPR certification with a company called "Its Breathtaking CPR". If you google it just like that, the first link is their page. You are in and out of there in about an hour and a half. It's a family owned business (mother and daughter) and they are super nice!

I'm still not CPR certified, I really need to get on that!

Are there any people in Denton that need to get CPR certified? It would be cool to get a group together to get CPR certified as well as do a meet and greet since we will all be future classmates.

I live in Dallas Sysjl & I still need to get CPR certified. Maybe we can all get together after orientation.

I live in Dallas Sysjl & I still need to get CPR certified. Maybe we can all get together after orientation.

I'm definitely down with that.

Me too! I know TWU will offer one, but I'd rather do it elsewhere. That way I can continue with the company after graduation.

How is everything going guys? I'm sooo tired of getting poked in the arm lol, the other day I got my last hep shot, I did my TB skin test and Friday I went for the varicella titer. Now I'm just waiting on my results from the titer & then I'm done with the immunization sheet! whew :D