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Tuesday February 22 2022


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Happy Twosday

Amo I've had some unusual dreams lately too

Stars have never heard of a dog who needs a nightlight

NJ22 glad your ds is OK, hopefully his car isn't in too bad a shape

Ado that is a small hospital.  Glad it is a short week for you.

Yesterday started off stressful, 2nd week with the new system and feeling a bit overwhelmed at the thought of completing tasks and answering emails.   But in the end everything was done, and and on time.  Probably still adjusting to the new system, combined with the usual Monday rush.

Had our online Bible study last night.  Small group but we keep going.

Tonight have a virtual version of the church's dining out event.  Next month we anticipate doing this in person.

Going to be quite warm today, in the 50s, but rainy/stormy at least in the morning

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Good Morning!

J22, glad the car is drivable and that your son wasn't injured.  

Joe, hope you have a better day and enjoy the dining out event.  Definitely would be better in person.

Ado, I should have seen on your profile that you specialize in med surg.  Covid has indeed put a stress on our ICU situation.

Amo, wonder if I'll have work dreams when I retire.  Or rather nightmares.  LOL

The Olympics were apparently a ratings bomb.  I don't have cable so couldn't watch it but caught some highlights and read about the female skating drama.

I got steps for my dogs to use as they aged but I couldn't train them to us it.  Caesar eventually in his old age before he did just quit sleeping with me.

My delicate dog SlowBro was throwing up several times through the night.  Had to get up and change the sheets.  But he still demanded to be fed this morning at 0600 and seems okay now.

Going to get some labs drawn this morning.  My doc suggested I try Trazadone since I still don't sleep well.  It did nothing and along with my dog being sick I had the worst night's sleep in a long time.  I did not have good hygiene in that I took a nap and had a strong cup of coffee on the way to bowling at around 7pm.  I'm going to try to not take naps and to cut myself off of coffee in the afternoon.  

Speaking of bowling I was on my way there and forgot my bowling ball so I didn't bowl.  If we weren't in first place I would have risked it and bowled with a house ball.  Turns out the team lost them all without me and now there is a three way tie for first place.  Next week will be an important week.

We are enjoying lovely weather and I hope to get some beach time in.  

nursej22, MSN, RN

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Happy Twosday, indeed. Our weather is bitter cold, down to 20 last night with the cold, arctic wind howling. The hummingbird feeder was frozen solid, so I quickly mixed up some nectar for them, and hung the spare feeding out with its little heater. It's garbage and recycling day. I suppose there will be a lot of stuff to pick up tonight. 

Tweety, forgetting one's ball is something I would do. I have read good things about Trazodone. I know when the vet told me to give it to Angus, he was gorked. It did take about 2 hours to kick in, for him. 

Joe, I usually feel a little overwhelmed when I start my work week. I do a few easy tasks to start, and make a list, and then things seem to smooth out. I hate it though, when something unexpected and urgent pops up. 

Ado, that sounds like a cute little hospital. A past poster, Ted, used to work at a hospital like that. They had also a mother-baby unit. It seems like a nice set-up.

I forgot how good my yeast roll recipe was. It's from a bread cook book and its so good. I will share the recipe here, if any one is interested. I doubled the recipe, and youngest ds and dh were teasing me about what was I going to do with all those rolls. I ate 2, and they ate the rest of the pan of 16! 

Time to leave for a home visit, 

Stay well, all


No Stars In My Eyes

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Happy two-twooty-two-two-oh-twooty-two...and Georgie Washington's B'day as well!

It must be Spring...the hairy woodpeckers are mating, the mockingbirds already have a nest in the neighbor's front hedges, and the daffodils have sprung up all yellow, waving in the breeze. I think we are in the upper 60's, but it is cloudy. From what I remember of the weather reports from last night, it is going to be rainy off and on, but will stay warmish today and tomorrow. That storm that has swept from California to New England skirts North of us once again, so no snow.

My lordie-lord, did I ever have a lousy night's sleep. (No dog threw up on my bed, though!) I fell asleep around 1:30 AM and woke up about every hour until 7 AM. Then I guess I slept fitfully until noon. Hubby had been up, fed Nannie, had coffee, and has gone back to bed. He was up last night about as frequently as I was. Ugh. Feel like going back to bed and sleeping some more, but realize it ain't such a hot idea at this time of day. (just after 1 PM). Nannie and Ozzie are asleep in the den. 

I should go to the bank (if they are open today) and transfer some $ to the debit card for our suppers, and get some cash 'running money'. But that's not critical right now...

One of Nannie's church friends woke up yesterday with what her husband described as "a 90-yard stare" and after being hospitalized briefly, was sent to a nursing home. She doesn't recognize anybody; fortunately she is placid and not hostile. Nannie said "Well, she's much older than me." She's actually about 10 years younger, but I think it's Nannie's way of comforting herself Frank Zappa once sang: "It Can't Happen Here." 

It's not Leap Year, so I can't send out any of my self-designed invitation card, which said, "I have always admired your _______, so, since it is Leap Year, I am asking you to marry me. It will be fun! Waiting to hear from you..." Years ago my friends and I sent them to every male we knew and had quite a lot of laughs, filling in the blanks as to what we had always admired about them. Nowadays I suppose it would be considered sexual harassment. Oh well.

Hubby is up out of bed again, after sleeping for another hour and a half. He said he will fix Nannie a sandwich for lunch. I may leave the banking until tomorrow. 

It looks to be a dull, boring afternoon, but I'm not complaining, because we have no discharges or admissions, and no no-shows, and don't have to stay late doing all the paperwork and charting, like you working folks are dealing with.

I don't know if I mentioned it yesterday or not, but next month (coming soon to a theater near you!) I am going to go over to the little drugstore in the little town next door for another J&J vaccination, as a booster. They have J&J in stock and I don't have to make an appointment to get it. Not sure if hubby will agree to get another, but I advise it when I can, without being too pushy. I mean, I'M not the one with all the co-morbidities, so I think he needs a booster more than I do! Nannie is agreeable to get another because, as she said after the previous two injections, "Why, I have felt really good since I had those shots before! I think they really help me!" (Maybe she got Vit B-12 in hers?)

Ooh, hey! The sun is trying to come out! Not sure it will stick around, but it's nice to see for a few moments anyway. Guess we'll go sit out on the front porch.

Hope y'all have a better day than I am expecting here...😋

No Stars In My Eyes

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Wasn't such a boring afternoon after all! We watched 'the show' being put on by a tree company topping the two front yard trees right across the street from us. That neighbor sent the crew chief over because, the neighbor said we were needing our front trees topped. Nope, don't care about that, HOWEVER, the trunk of the big oak tree which has slowly bent over the last 5 years and the limbs are hanging toward, down, and over the roof of our house....well, it REALLY needs to be taken down. Hubby has been dragging his feet because he "doesn't want to spend all Momma's money." 

My theory is do NOT drag your heels on this! Once the leaves are all out, all we'd need is a windy storm and we'd be replacing that whole corner of the house, and I might be out a husband because his room is right on that corner under the tree! 

Anyway the crew chief quoted a rough estimate of $1500, which I don't think is bad at all given how big and tall the tree is. I said we could put it on Nannie's charge card or find out if her investment guy would okay having the tree taken down, which I believe he'd okay. That's how we got the new heating and air conditioner replaced when it conked out a few years ago.

THEN, the neighbor next door to where the trees are being topped, he came over and said if we could get the tree dropped, leaving it laid across the back yard, then HE would come over with his chain saw(s) and piece it and load it in his truck, and take it across the street for firewood, at no cost, as he would use the wood in his fireplace and fire-pit. Which would make the cost of the tree being taken down much less. 

I tell you what, ever since that tree service guy came over to look and give us an estimate, I have been praying double-time that hubby would see to it that the tree gets taken down before the leaves all come out. He was hemming and hawing until the neighbor came over and said he'd cut up and take ALL the wood at no cost. YESSSSS! Now all we have to do is get some estimates for felling it into the yard.

Please, everyone who prays, do so; and if your a 'good wishes' person instead of a pray-er, send your energy down here that we may get this all taken care of tout suite! It leans about 30 degrees now and I don't want to have to have home insurance company tell us it was 'an act of God' that it fell on our house, and refuse to pay. Besides that, a new roof and home repairs would cost way MORE than having it felled. And I wouldn't want another husband! And if it managed to miss Nannie's room, I'd have her to myself. (No,no,no!!)


Ado Annie, ASN, RN

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Happy 2sday, all!

Joe -- hopeful you can have your dine-out event in person next time. My book club has had some virtual meetings, and it's good, but in-person is so much better. 

Tweety -- sorry about your sleep woes. Puking pets are definitely not conducive to a good night's sleep. Trazadone is one of the meds that keeps our dog Dory's anxiety levels manageable now that she has canine cognitive dysfunction. Grandma gets it, too. She doesn't stay asleep very long so I'd hate to see what she does without it. Cool that your bowling team is doing well. I had a ball at one time, and lost it when I took Twin A and Twin B to a bowling birthday party years ago. I forgot the ball at the alley and never found it again. Have not bowled in a long time. 

J22 -- Mother/baby might be interesting. They used to do that here, but now there are no physicians on staff who deliver babies. "I don't know nuthin' 'bout birthin' no babies!" but I guess I'd learn. (even my own were a scheduled C-section). I would hate to live in rural Oklahoma and be expecting a baby (or babies). We are not far from the metro so it's not as big a deal here but there are places where it is many miles. I spent 6 years on a nephrology unit at the teaching hospital in the metro and we had patients who traveled many miles 3 times a week for dialysis. Ugh.

Stars -- yep, that tree needs to come down. I would think that the investment person would see that it's wiser to take care of it now and avoid expensive repairs later. I also cannot fathom having something happen to hubs that lives me in charge of Grandma. I've told him he can't get sick. I'm afraid my first stop would have to be a nursing home but I don't have any authority to make medical decisions. Ack! No!

So tonight we have only 2 patients. I've been stalking the ER and they are empty. Maybe the cold temps and threat of wintery precipitation will keep people home. I'm hoping we'll be able to have choir practice tomorrow night.


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Oh, J22, please do share your recipe! 

dianah, ADN

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10 hours ago, Ado Annie said:

Oh, J22, please do share your recipe! 

Yes please!