Trying to move west coast (CA, OR, WA). Job prospects for new grads?


I am graduating with my BSN from Florida in May (next month). I really want to move out west preferably Oregon but I am not opposed to either CA or WA. Can anybody tell me what the job prospects are for new grads?



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job prospects are HORRIBLE in currently going to school in Illinois, originally from California, its looking like I'm gonna have to find a job in Illinois


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California? We have the opposite of a shortage. It's taking many new grads up to a year to find a job. Look elsewhere.


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I am graduating with my BSN from Florida in May (next month). I really want to move out west preferably Oregon but I am not opposed to either CA or WA. Can anybody tell me what the job prospects are for new grads?


From what I've read those are the worst states for new grads because they have a TON of new grads looking for jobs. In Oregon and Washington they pay tremendously well, thus the market is saturated. It doesn't hurt to try but try you will and your chances are slim to none.

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California is saturated with new grads. The fact that you have a BSN does help, but there are just too many new grads and not enough jobs. A lot of facilities have new grad programs, but the window to apply for them is narrow--often only a week after it's posted--and they have tons of applicants each time. Also, new grads are even having problems getting hired in LTC, LTAC, SNF, rehab and other less-acute areas.

So definitely look out here because you have nothing to lose, but if at all possible, I wouldn't move out here without a job in hand first. Even better, try to get at least a year or two of experience elsewhere before you come to CA--then you'll have a somewhat better chance.


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I went to school in Oregon and am working in california. Portland area is near impossible to work in hospital without experience. California is better but also very saturated. Good luck

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OMG this is the epicenter of this whole "nursing glut" lack of jobs specially for NG. DON'T DO IT! unless your plans are to relocate to California anyway and you don't care to wait for a long...long...time before landing job. Sorry

When considering the job availability, also look at the cost of living. Here in So Calif it is very high.


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I live in California and was an LVN before becoming an RN recently. I don't plan to work the floor, as my background is in Case Management/Quality Improvement, but at my hospital I have seen new grads that its taken a year or more to land their first job! There are HUNDREDS of nurses applying for one job here. If I was a person looking for a new grad position, I would NOT come here, unless I had the resources to wait it out until getting a job. The housing prices are not good here, either. Cali sucks right now. Sorry! :cry:


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I moved to CA after graduating nursing school in December '11. I am still applying to jobs. My friends who stayed around the area where we went to nursing school have all found jobs. It is easiest to get hired at a hospital where you have done your clinicals and know people. If I were you, I would stay in the area where you went to nursing school for ONE YEAR of hospital experience, and then move. Getting that year of experience is almost impossible in CA, where many CA nursing school grads are moving OUT OF STATE for a year, and then coming back.


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New Orleans is a GREAT place to learn your nursing craft! There are more than 30 hospitals to work at in one of the top tourist and shopping desinations. New Orleans just topped NYC for best shopping cities! That means there is LOTS of money flowing into the city. New Orleans has not had a major hurricane scare since the year after Katrina. And you get a weeks notice before a hurricane is going to strike, you get NO warning for an earthquake. I worked in NOLA for 8 years before coming to the Bay Area. I have been working in Oakland, CA for eleven years now. I worked at far more progressive hospitals and got much better acute care experience in NOLA. New Orleans is an absolute blast for twenty to thirty somethings to live in, and since Brad Pitt and numerous other Hollywood types have invested billions into the city, many of the pre-Katrina problems NOLA struggled with are finally behind them. Charter schools are everywhere, and performing very well. You will eat the best food you have ever tasted, listed to the best music on earth, and live freer than you ever thought possible in the United States. Not to mention Mardi Gras, French Quarter Festival, and Jazz Fest are the best parties on the planet. Fill out a shite load of apps and fly in for a few interviews, you can write the whole trip off on your taxes. You party will be job related, of course.