True Christmas miracle


True Christmas Miracle

And so it goes, the rural hospital I work in has a 16 bed capacity. Last night when I went to work there was 21 and by the time I left there was 23. No room at the inn. Last Febuary or March our Dr's decided not to do anymore OB, due to the lack of numbers and to only do them now on an emergency basis as we are about an hour from the city. Our last delivery did not have a good outcome as we had a stillbirth. Thanks, to all of you who responded, I did get through it.

We have a doc, who is retiring at the end of the month and he decided he would do one last one and tonight was the night. She walked through the door at 0030and had the precious one @ 0446. Textbook picture perfect, a little McRoberts, and there she was all 7lbs 5oz of her. And guess what, she gets to stay in our LDR room, which is also set up to be a regular room.

Merry Christmas and to all and to all a good night and or day!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Thanks for sharing!

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What a heart-warming story to share with the rest of us. Thank you so very much! :icon_hug:

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Awwwww.... I love babies! I just finished up my L&D rotation on Wed. Got to see a C-section too. Thanks for sharing!

That is a true Christmas miracle. I am glad you got to be a part of it!


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Christmas time or not, to witness the birth of a baby is undescribable. Truly a miracle from God..

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