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  1. difficult ETOH pt

    I am struggling with a 26 y/o male with chronic ETOH abuse. He is seen in the ER at least 2-3 times per week. With either suicidal ideations, wanting help to stop drinking. He either gets admitted to psych or goes on outpt ETOH withdrawl protocols...
  2. Medication tidbits an ER nurse should always know

    always keep your IV mannitol warmer than room temp or it will crystalize
  3. Using heat to find difficult veins.

    My sweet trick is to put a hot pack across their chest. Veins dilate with the warmth to the extremities and usually out pops the vein. Another trick you probably know is to use lots of alcohol swabs, I mean lots, like 5-6. Using that many swabs ...
  4. terminal sedation

    Sorry, I don't know if this should be here or on a palliative care, or where my post should go, but here goes. I work in a 16 to 24 bed hospital depending on the day. Last night we had a bariatric pt come from our LTC facility with pneumonia and in...
  5. True Christmas miracle

    True Christmas Miracle And so it goes, the rural hospital I work in has a 16 bed capacity. Last night when I went to work there was 21 and by the time I left there was 23. No room at the inn. Last Febuary or March our Dr's decided not to do any...
  6. nurse lost baby to SIDS

    So sorry for your loss. (((((HUGS))))). No one can tell you how to grieve or your response to the loss. Nurse mode is a form of self-protection, but it sounds like you have your own personal moments of agony. Yes, be strong for your other kids, b...
  7. Not to long ago, I had a 50-something lady come into the ER @ 0400 for constipation. Her loving husband brought her in. She also c/o hemorrhoids. So I gave her a fleet enema to go home with, I also gave her some proctosone ointment with the applic...
  8. venting: fetal demise

    As the old cliche goes "I know how you feel." What did you do to get over it, any insight might help. Thanks shearernurse
  9. stillborn births

    I don't know how you OB guys do it. I had my 1st stillborn delivery about 12 hours ago. I got to the delivery room @ 2240. Pt's membranes ruptured @ 2247 with thick mec. I was having trouble finding fetal heart tones. (that's because there wasn't...
  10. violence in the work place

    Yes, I have been hit and punched many times. We just got security a couple of weeks ago for our rural hospital. Our management have not been very supportive of pressing charges. About 13 years ago, I had a lady come to the emergency room via ambu...
  11. Pentiction hospital murder/suicide

    Has anyone heard of this tragic event that occurred sometime yesterday I think. From what I heard a man came in and shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself. Apparently it happened on the floor not the ER. Anyways, if anyone has more infor...
  12. Brady baby

    I hoope this is the right forum. I had a situation the other night and need some insight on and also need to learn what was going on. I had a G2P1, come in @0030 and delivered by 0123. She only pushed for 20 minutes. Babe was a good size 3672Gm....
  13. on-line TNCC exam help

    I was wondering if any of you E.R. nurses or anyone else out there have any ideas about an on-line Tncc site. I am looking to do some exams or trauma simulations. I have been on and have done their simulations, but wonder if there are mo...
  14. first period in 2 yrs

    I have a friend, who has had unexplained amennorhea for 2 years now and all of a sudden, just got her period the other day. No pregnancy involved, her Dr, just said it was stress that caused the amenorrhea. What's up with that why all of a sudden w...
  15. BC Northern Hospitals are SCARY

    being alittle harsh, don't ya think. You are 23 years old, is there any cardiac hx in your family to suggest you are having a heart attack. Your K+ was 2.4, were you throwing up/ diarrhea, what? The Doc ran the labs, right. Go eat some bananas. ...